Book Review: The Girl of My Dreams By Durjoy Dutta

read my first Durjoy Dutta book this weekend, and I must say I loved it. It surely was an unusual blend – of a love story and a psychological thriller. The Girl of my Dreams is an intricate tale of different shades of human persona. It has madness, mess, love and, manages to keep you on the edge from the first page.

The Book…

The book traces Daman’s journey in search of the “Girl of his Dreams”. Having met with a massive accident, Daman wakes up from a deep coma, with weird memory flashes. He seems to remember nothing about the accident, except that there was a girl named Shreyasi by his side at the time of the accident. Her hypnotic eyes seem to haunt him, and flashes of her face seem to appear in his dreams. Strangely, soon after, he meets a woman who claims she is the Shreyasi- the girl from his dreams. But is she the real one, whom Daman believes it to be or, is she simply just an obsessive lover and stalker? Unraveling this mystery is now entirely in Daman’s hands.

Characters & Plot

Every character has been etched in a fairly decent manner. Well-developed to suit the plot, whether it is the confused Daman, the more composed girl-friend Avni or the stable friend, Sumit. I loved the way Durjoy has brought out the flaws and insecurities that probably every relationship goes through.

Plot has multiple twists and turns. And as you tell yourself that you have probably guessed the outcome, would come yet another turn, which would change the course of the tale. The first half of the book races through, keeping you hooked. I wouldn’t say the same about the second half, as it tends to get a bit chaotic. A couple of portions seemed out of context. The narration could have been kept crisper, omitting unnecessary detailing.  

The Finale

An average climax with traces of a commercial Bollywood flick, I felt a little let down with the outcome. For the suspense that was built through the course of the book, the ending could have been worked out a little better.

The Girl of My Dreams by Durjoy Dutta is a novel of love, romance, thrills and suspense

A fast-paced metro read !!!

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  1. That’s the kind of books i like – ones that keep you hooked, till the end. Just a love story sounds too boring at my age! But, a love story with some suspense etc thrown in interests me more! Will surely try out this one, Ramya!

  2. I have not read any book by Durjoy Dutta….the plot does seem interesting…I wsh you had included some quotes from the novel too……- they are like a peek into the work….

  3. Interesting to read this review, Ramya, for I happened to read average reviews about his other books. I suppose people simply judge his books to be bad, because he writes romance which are breezy reads. Well, nice to have found someone who disagrees. I sholuld try this book out.

  4. I haven’t read any of Durjoy Dutta’s works till now. I feel the issue with many Indian writers who write breezy romances is they all end up, supposedly, as future scripts for Bollywood movies. But then that happens elsewhere too. May be I should read one of this writer’s works to see if they are different.

  5. Right then. I’m not biased, but I don’t think after reading some of his work, I’m actually looking forward to this. But then again, he is a celebrated Indian author – so Who am I to comment 🙂
    Interesting review, Ramya!

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