Book review: Pyjamas Are Forgiving by Twinkle Khanna

When Mrs. Funny Bones (aka Twinkle Khanna) announced her third book, it stirred a reasonable amount of excitement amongst readers. Despite her second book not really garnering great reviews, readers were willing to give her yet another chance. For, the title “Pyjamas are Forgiving”, piqued everyone’s interest. To me, it indicated the presence of her trademark wit and humor, thus promising a good light-hearted read. However, little did I know that I would be in for a big disappointment.

Pyjamas are Forgiving

It’s tough to describe a book that has stretched a two paragraph story over 200 pages. Briefly speaking about the plot- Anshu the main character of the book is at an Ayurveda retreat called Shantamaaya in Kerala. In her early 40’s and divorced, she is a regular there to get rid of her “Doshas”. The retreat prescribes adherence to strict rules and eating the simplest of food. A few days into her session and Anshu’s philandering ex-husband lands up at the retreat with his much younger wife Shalini. All hell breaks loose for Anshu as she would now have to constantly bump into her ex and his new found love. What ensues is a drama, beyond my understanding, as Anshu revisits the days of her marriage and tries to deal with a man who conceals his true nature, and uses love as a means to fulfill his own selfish needs. Anshu would have to figure out what she truly wants, handling the chaos that’s suddenly erupted within and around her. Plot seems ok? Well, read on to understant what went downhill in the book!

“Sans” Humor Through the Pages

Twinkle Khanna is known for her witty avatar in the online space as well as in her columns. Not sure what happened to all of that when she got down to writing this fiction of hers. I found it to be way too misplaced. It failed to bring about the entertainment quotient in the story. In fact, it seemed way too repetitive; sort of recycled out of her columns published earlier. Her witty expressions on yoga postures, the regime of drinking ghee(part of the Ayurveda treatment) or the purgation sounded anything but humorous.


And that’s where the book failed miserably. Her choice of expressions weren’t the least bit appealing. In fact they made the plot lacklustre. The narrative moved in its own monotonous pace, making every page more or less predictable. Squeezing into this, Twinkle tries to bring out her own weird ideas of sexual abuse- a sub plot that could well have been avoided. It seemed to have been included just to fill in the pages. The book concludes on an abrupt note as well, leaving me in a state of confusion as to what Twinkle Khanna was actually trying to communicate.

Amateurish writing, no depth in characters, an insipid plot and lacklustre humor- that’s Twinkle Khanna’s Pyjamas are Forgiving. Read only if you are a true blue Twinkle Khanna fan and devour every word of hers (no matter what it is).

Pyjamas are Forgiving

The book is available as a paperback on Amazon.

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  • Natasha

    I’m a true blue Twinkle K fan, I bought the book, read quite a few pages, but now ready to disown it and avoid it like plague.

    I think she is losing her mojo! Though I have been a fan of her smart come back lines in interviews and her tweets, but think she needs to take a break from writing, wrap her head around some other things and then return all refreshed.

  • rashimital

    I read her first book and didnt like it at all. So, decided would not read her work again. But, hubby, dont know why, decided to gift me this book (rolls eyes). Now, m in a fix, whether to read for his sake n get bored or to save myself from the trauma n give hubby a puppy face.

  • Soumya Prasad

    Oh the purgation scenes were more icky than funny! That ghee drinking bit was definitely not funny. I’m surprised some Hindu group has not come forward opposing it especially when cow’s urine is involved 😛

    This book deserves to be burnt. Nothing more to say.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      I’ve tossed a book or two in my time, but I don’t think a book deserves to be burned, ever, no matter how terrible it is.

      It is an expression, we might disagree with it, but may not seek to destroy it 🙂

      Just my two cents.

  • Rajlakshmi

    I was really hoping for this book to be good. Love your honesty. It sounds so bad that now I want to read and see how terrible it is 😊

  • Shalzmojo

    Poor you – this seems like a terrible read and you went through till the end. So many cel bs writing books now a days and depending on your celeb status to promote the book rather than genuine wit and writing style.

  • Balaka

    I liked this honest review. I liked her second book but this one I am not inclined to read. These days I find her funnybones columns also a bit pretentious. Not a TK fan so will skip this one. Thanks for saving my buck.

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