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    From Victim to Crusader- Jayamma Bhandari and her Mission to Rehabilitate Sex Workers #WATWB

    I read Jayamma’s story on a lazy Sunday morning. It was the month of March, and my local daily carried her story in an obscure corner. I am glad my eyes spotted the column. Every year, ahead of International Women’s day, extraordinary women of India are conferred with the Nari Shakti Award by the government. Thirty nine year old Jayamma Bhandari and her story stood out this year. A crusader for sex workers, Jayamma has come a long way- from being a victim, to working towards rehabilitating women in the flesh trade. Jayamma’s story may seem to be straight out of a Bollywood film. Three hundred kilometers off Hyderabad, in the…

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    The Doctors Step Towards Fighting Prejudices Against the Girl Child in #WATWB

    The modern day woman is definitely in a far better position than women from the preceding generation. Where traditionally her role and status were defined and fixed to the home front, today women are entering every sphere and field actively. There have been positive changes with women receiving higher education, stepping ahead, and breaking shackles of typical stereotypes placed by society. But, to me, these changes are at a superficial level. Scratch deeper, and one would find, an absence of gender parity to a large extent. For still, a significantly large percentage of households in India, prefer a boy over a girl child. One could pick various reasons for this.…

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    Gender Role Reversal in Today’s Times

    What’s gender role reversal all about? Is it when we get into the other gender’s skin? Or is there something more to it? This morning as I sipped my coffee, a news in the local daily caught my attention. *It was the reversal of a wedding practice, in Maner near Patna. Instead of the groom, it was the bride who took the baraat in a horse chariot, to the marriage venue where she was greeted with great pomp by the groom’s relatives. This reversal of roles was planned much before their wedding was finalized. And it got me thinking. Is this just a mere inter-change of a tradition? Or is…

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    When Women Reveal Their Fears!

    What could a woman’s worst fear be? Is it rape and abuse? Is it loneliness, aging, an unhappy marriage or divorce? What do you think it is? My husband’s job takes him away on trips that last a couple of days, sometimes even weeks. Each time I bid him a good bye at the door, a strange fear chokes me up. What if he encounters a mishap? As reasonable as it seems to me, to others, this may be the most irrational fear. Surely it doesn’t make sense to be afraid of something one has no control over. However, I battle this fear (albeit for a few minutes) on almost…

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    Harassment to Women- Dowry Deaths

    The news about the tragic death of Manjula Davek was doing the rounds on social media. All of 28 years, the young PhD student had been found hanging in her hostel room in IIT Delhi. It quite was disturbing to read about it. Here was a girl on the verge of completing her research from the country’s premier institute, having published papers in international journals. A girl of high intellect had been pushed to the extreme step of taking her own life. The police are clueless on the reason, as there wasn’t a suicide note left behind. However, her family and friends cite dowry harassment and domestic abuse as the…

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    Divorce- Why is it a Taboo?

    Marriage is all about togetherness. It is about two different individuals coming together, of experiences, of the joys of starting a family, of tears and happiness. And fights too… Yet, when the basis of marriage- companionship and happiness- is threatened, I wonder why the option of divorce is scorned upon in society and considered a taboo. Statistically, divorce rates in India are far lower than what it is in western counties. Of course there has been a general rise in the trend, but this is restricted to urban-metro cities. When we look at the teeny-weeny villages, tier 2 towns and other rural and semi-rural regions, divorce rates are minimal. Is…