About Me


Hi there! I’m Ramya–the blogger at Me Otherwise

I am a book worm at most times and a parent at other times. This blog explores the books I read and come across and well, many other things I stumble upon in my daily life. And so goes the tagline of the blog- Books and Beyond. On days when I feel like just ranting about, oh well, I just do it on my blog. My thoughts and views have been appreciated by quite a few platforms who have been kind enough to feature my posts on their sites such as these.

Why would you be here?

Confused about what to read next? Or wondering if you should pick up that latest book that’s just been out? Then head over to my book section and read a quick review before you can make up your mind. For all those writers out there, want to be featured or reviewed here? No issues. You could reach me through my social media handles or, send me an email at meotherwise.blog@gmail.com. I also accept sponsored posts and collaborations. 


My views are mine

All views expressed in this blog are solely my own. So if you do find them to be quirky, then well, thats the way I am.