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    Home Fire By Kamila Shamsie- A Man Booker Longlist

    “Contempt, disdain, scorn: these emotions were stops along a closed loop that originated and terminated in a sense of superiority.”  ― Kamila Shamsie, Home Fire The complex web of thoughts is often so difficult to untangle. When mixed with religious, political and radical thinking, it becomes nothing but a fatal concoction. Home fire by Kamila Shamsie is one such web, with politics and religion being pitted against a family’s love and relationship. The book is supposedly a modern take on the Greek tragedy Antigone. I haven’t read Antigone, hence wouldn’t be able to comment or compare the two. To me, Home Fire is a fresh perspective on human emotions, relationships and radical…

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    The Shooting Star By Travel Blogger Shivya Nath

    She isn’t a new name in the world of travel blogging. In fact, Shivya is already an inspiration to all those who love to dream, travel and write.  Her blog documents her globetrotting experiences, and has garnered a huge fan following. Today it is considered to be one of India’s leading travel blogs. Shivya has made her appearance on the cover of the National Geographic Traveller India, BBC travel, NDTV, TED x and various other publications across the globe. The Shooting Star is her book- her memoir that gives us a glimpse into her world! How did it all begin? What do you seek as a young 23 year…

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    Mango Cheeks, Metal Teeth by Aruna Nambiar

    After a couple of disappointing reads, this month finally gave me a book worth talking about. With an interesting title, “Mango Cheeks, Metal Teeth” is the debut fiction of Aruna Nambiar. The book took me by surprise with its brilliant style and content, bringing back my lost faith in Indian writing. Set in small town Ambalakunnu in Kerala the plot may well seem simple. Yet, as a story teller Aruna Nambiar’s web of words ensures readers get to take something out of the book when that last page is turned over. It is three simple plots woven together seamlessly       A long summer in 1980’s, when life was far simpler than…

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    Book Review: Job Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya

    If only all management books read like this, surely this genre would have more readers as takers. I must make a confession here that I generally avoid self-help books of sorts, and prefer to lay my hands on fiction. Yet, this book came as an exception. Rishi Piparaiya’s Job be Damned is funny, intuitive and way too intelligent to be ignored. What may prima’ facie seem to be just another management book, prescribing the tricks of the trade to sustain in the corporate world, is in reality a witty read. With 250 odd pages it is filled with Rishi’s voice- part satirical, part sarcasm, to get ahead in the corporate…

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    Book review: Pyjamas Are Forgiving by Twinkle Khanna

    When Mrs. Funny Bones (aka Twinkle Khanna) announced her third book, it stirred a reasonable amount of excitement amongst readers. Despite her second book not really garnering great reviews, readers were willing to give her yet another chance. For, the title “Pyjamas are Forgiving”, piqued everyone’s interest. To me, it indicated the presence of her trademark wit and humor, thus promising a good light-hearted read. However, little did I know that I would be in for a big disappointment. Pyjamas are Forgiving It’s tough to describe a book that has stretched a two paragraph story over 200 pages. Briefly speaking about the plot- Anshu the main character of the book…

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    Here There and Everywhere- Sudha Murty’s 200th Book

    Her books are rather simple, and often aren’t considered to be masterpiece literature. Yet, I still read them. For, there exists in her stories an element of honesty, an underlying thought that gets me into an introspective mode. Here There and Everywhere is Sudha Murty’s 200th title published. The book is a collection of her best-loved stories from across her various books, along with a few freshly brewed ones. “Most people undertake an arduous journey full of highs and lows that helps them modify and create new perspectives, thus forming a better understanding of the world and realizing the fact that real passion is much more beautiful than the pinnacle…