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    What A Blind Date With The World Taught Me

    It was the hour prior to bed. As I sat exhausted on the couch after the day’s chores, I noticed the mail alert in the notification area of my mobile. Impulsively, I opened it to see the most unusual invitation in my inbox. It was an offer to go on a blind date with “The World”, to a place I knew very little about- The English Countryside. “You are invited on a blind date. For one week, let me be your friend and guide, as we spend time by the English Countryside, walking through alluring pastures and dales hand in hand. Come fall in love with me”. –The World The stereotype…

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    How Do You Like Your Newspaper?

    I confess. I have nothing less than an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), when it comes to the morning newspaper. Now before you arrive at the conclusion that I am one of those individuals who fret over sipping that morning cup of coffee while skimming through the pages of the daily news, I must clarify that the OCD is of a truly different nature. I dislike, or seldom read, newspapers that are shabby; that have the inner sheets moved out of place or, have been folded into varied patterns of geometry. Strange, isn’t it? We humans do come with a certain degree of eccentricity and this surely is mine. My obsessive streak…

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    The Shooting Star By Travel Blogger Shivya Nath

    She isn’t a new name in the world of travel blogging. In fact, Shivya is already an inspiration to all those who love to dream, travel and write.  Her blog documents her globetrotting experiences, and has garnered a huge fan following. Today it is considered to be one of India’s leading travel blogs. Shivya has made her appearance on the cover of the National Geographic Traveller India, BBC travel, NDTV, TED x and various other publications across the globe. The Shooting Star is her book- her memoir that gives us a glimpse into her world! How did it all begin? What do you seek as a young 23 year…

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    Lessons from a Tenth Birthday

    My first born turned ten over the weekend, which means it’s a decade since I’ve become a parent. Ten years ago I breathed through all my contractions and saw that tiny bundle of flesh in my hands for the first time. And as cliché as it may sound, at that moment, I remember making that promise like all parents that I’d try and be the best one. But it is only after a decade that I realize that there is no such thing as a “best” parent. So like all other occasions, celebrating her tenth birthday seemed important. For, one surely needs to create warm memories for the child to…

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    Five Swoon Worthy Fictional Heroes

    They are charming and proper, and all that they say sure does make you go weak at the knees. So what, if they are characters from books, these men are definitely swoon worthy. Indulge yourself in these books and trust me nothing can stop you from thinking about “the man”, even after you close that last page. • Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series Topping my list is surely Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. With a high cheek bone, strong jawline, and skin that sparkles in the sunlight; he is the perfect man when it comes to looks. But hold on, it isn’t just these physical attributes that…

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    Morning Walks Are Magical

    As Henry Thoreau once said, “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day”. The essence and truth behind this statement sunk into me deeply, only off-late. For a long time my mornings were marked with the stress and the madness of getting two young kids dressed and packed to school. As much as I would decide every night to pay heed to the early morning alarm, the multiple five minute snoozes on the clock ensured I got up just in time to get lunch boxes and breakfast ready, and board the kiddos onto their school buses. By the time it was all done, phew, was I exhausted. Morning…