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    From Victim to Crusader- Jayamma Bhandari and her Mission to Rehabilitate Sex Workers #WATWB

    I read Jayamma’s story on a lazy Sunday morning. It was the month of March, and my local daily carried her story in an obscure corner. I am glad my eyes spotted the column. Every year, ahead of International Women’s day, extraordinary women of India are conferred with the Nari Shakti Award by the government. Thirty nine year old Jayamma Bhandari and her story stood out this year. A crusader for sex workers, Jayamma has come a long way- from being a victim, to working towards rehabilitating women in the flesh trade. Jayamma’s story may seem to be straight out of a Bollywood film. Three hundred kilometers off Hyderabad, in the…

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    One Indian Girl- #AtoZChallenge

    “You need a man to support, inspire. . .understand you. Help you be the best person you can be, banker, mother, both, whatever. And until you find a man you trust enough to do that, why settle?”  ― Chetan Bhagat, One Indian Girl I am not a Chetan Bhagat fan. I find his books pretty average, and yes, definitely over-rated. His books are no great pieces of literature, yet they appeal to the masses. And as I always say it, reading a Chetan Bhagat is akin to watching a Karan Johar film. They are loaded with relationship tangles, without any depth in the plot. Yet, I do read them once in a way. The last…

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    Neapolitan Series- My Brilliant Friend- #AtoZChallenge

    “We were twelve years old, but we walked along the hot streets of the neighborhood, amid the dust and flies that the occasional old trucks stirred up as they passed, like two old ladies taking the measure of lives of disappointment, clinging tightly to each other. No one understood us, only we two—I thought—understood one another.” ― Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend   My Brilliant Friend is the first of the four part Neapolitan Novel series by the Italian novelist Elena Ferrante. The book is a translation of the original, and this probably is one of the reasons as to why I took a hell lot of time to complete it (actually…

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    Me Before You #AtoZChallenge

    “Push yourself. Don’t Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE.”  ― Jojo Moyes, Me Before You Me Before You by Jojo Moyes isn’t one of those books with oodles of romance. Yet, this book has it in it, to give you that emotional tug at the heart. It depicts a beautiful journey of two distinct individuals- Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. Where Louisa Clark may seem way too whimsical, Will is a quadriplegic as a result of an accident and, is seldom interested in all things around him. But life has plans and the two paths meet. For me, it is the character of Louisa Clark that left a lasting impression.  …

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    Little Fires Burning #AtoZChallenge

    “All her life, she had learned that passion, like fire, was a dangerous thing. It so easily went out of control. It scaled walls and jumped over trenches. Sparks leapt like fleas and spread as rapidly; a breeze could carry embers for miles.” ― Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere What an apt title indeed for a novel that explores the intricacies of relationships. For often it is fear, insecurity and sorrow that burn a deep hole into relationships. At the core of the book is the story of a mother and daughter, and around this core are many other little stories inter-woven. Shaker Heights is a progressive little suburb of Cleveland. It’s…

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    Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret #AtoZChallenge

    “I’ve always had this deep-down conviction that I’m not like everybody else, and there’s an amazingly exciting new life waiting for me just around the corner.”  ― Sophie Kinsella, Can You Keep a Secret? Emma is a young, beautiful woman with a huge heart, irresistible spirit and way too many secrets. At least, they were secrets until she spills them all to a stranger…who turns out to be her boss! Working as a marketing assistant at Panther Cola, she is hoping to climb the corporate ladder, expecting to be promoted soon. Yet, disappointments are a plenty, when the first marketing deal with a client goes all wrong. On a turbulent flight from…