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If Tomorrow Comes – #AtoZChallenge


“I will survive, Tracy thought. I face my enemies naked, and my courage is my shield.” 
― Sidney SheldonIf Tomorrow Comes

I am a Sidney Sheldon fan. Just love the suspense element that his books hold within it. But must say, have had my reservations on the portrayal of women in a few of his books. Nevertheless, here is a book, where I loved the main protagonist-the beautiful, intelligent and strong woman that she was.

If Tomorrow Comes and Tracy Whitney

Meet Tracy Whitney, the young woman, who is smart and independent. She is warm and compassionate too. An idealist in every way, yet when her whole life goes topsy- turvy, Tracy lets go of her idealism, and all that see seeks is vengeance. A successful banker in Philadelphia, she is engaged to a wealthy heir. When her mother commits a suicide, Tracy realizes there’s more to it, and that there is a big mafia nexus behind her mother’s death. Tracy tracks down Joe Romano the main person responsible, but he tries to rape her and is wounded in the struggle. A case is filed against her for a theft by Joe Romano.

Her attorney convinces her that she will get a much shorter sentence if she pleads guilty, but the judge sentences her to fifteen years, and she realizes that the judge and the attorney are both working for Romano. As she goes to jail, her employer and her fiancé abandon her and the unborn child. However she miscarries the child. Filled with rage, Tracy now decides to seek revenge on all the men who have ruined her life. Framed for no valid reason, Tracy fights her way out of all turmoil, and gets behind each one of them.

If tomorrow comes is a tale of betrayal and of revenge. When a strong woman is provoked, she can pounce back in a million ways.

This post is a part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge where I write about twenty six women characters from books, who have left an impact on me. You can read the previous posts here- Women in Books 


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