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    Lessons from a Tenth Birthday

    My first born turned ten over the weekend, which means it’s a decade since I’ve become a parent. Ten years ago I breathed through all my contractions and saw that tiny bundle of flesh in my hands for the first time. And as cliché as it may sound, at that moment, I remember making that promise like all parents that I’d try and be the best one. But it is only after a decade that I realize that there is no such thing as a “best” parent. So like all other occasions, celebrating her tenth birthday seemed important. For, one surely needs to create warm memories for the child to…

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    Deep Rooted in Oil

    This weekend, after the ritualistic Saturday oil bath for the kids, I found myself soaked… soaked completely in nostalgia! I poured the warm oil in a cup, placed two wooden planks on the floor, and seated myself on another. The children knew what I was up to, hence it was time for them to play the hide and seek. Cornering them, and pinning them down between my legs, the glorious procedure of the oil bath began. The oil splattered on their head and scalp, dripping down their face, as I rubbed it deep into their skin. With the tip of my fingers I massaged the rest of the oil on to…

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    There is a Sick Mom in the Home!

    After a week long bout of viral infection, I have come to the conclusion that feeling ill as a parent is one of the toughest situations. Weak and exhausted, as I lay on my bed moaning with body pain, the only thought that kept cropping up is why, oh why, did I have to fall ill? With two little kids, and a husband whose line of duty often keeps him away, I am the single caregiver and parent in the home front. Thus, by me falling ill, the household actually comes to a standstill. I look forward to the monsoons almost every year. I love the smell of the wet…

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    May Memories & Mayhem- Summer lessons

    I am not the summer kind of person. Wait! Before you get me all wrong, let me just make it clearer. I am not the summer heat person. Having spent my growing up years in Bangalore, I am used to summer temperatures not more than 35 degrees centigrade. Before one could even rant about the rising heat, the first showers of summer would lash down and Bangalore would be enveloped in a pleasant chill. There would be freshness to everything, right in the middle of May. But well those were the days! It was only when marriage happened in my life that I came face to face with the actual reality…

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    The Best Thing I Can Give My Child is My Time

    Summer vacations are in full swing. It is that time of the year, when kids can be just kids, doing crazy things, running on the streets, and spending hours on a favorite hobby. But, well, I may be wrong here. Gone are the days, when time is spent playing with neighbors and friends at the local park or kicking ball in an empty ground in the locality. Thanks to our busy lives and the shrinking size of families, kids have fewer companions. Not to forget the growing menace of hand held gadgets in our daily lives. No wonder, we find summer camps of sorts in every nook and corner. Parents…

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    Birthday and Sibling Jealousy!

    It was the big sisters 9th birthday!! As the stream of friends arrived for the party, the gifts piled up one on top of the other, on the table. Sulking by its side was the preschooler sibling. I hadn’t noticed the little one’s presence there, until the air resonated with her squeals all of a sudden. I slowly began calming her down, when between the sobs, she managed to say, “There’s nothing here for me”. Clearly my four year old was feeling put out when her big sister was getting all the attention. Not having much grasp of time, she was having trouble understanding that her own birthday would definitely…