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    Re-imagining the Epic with The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

    There are days when I just feel like re –reading my favourite books, soaking in every bit of the familiar text. The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee is one such book. I have never been fond of reading mythology. The genre would bore me to the core and I seldom cared to pick it up or give it a try. Yet this book shattered it all, and I was left with bated breath as each page unfolded the tale in a most different fashion. “The power of a man is like a bull’s charge, while the power of a woman moves aslant, like a serpent seeking its prey. Know…

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    Historical Fiction: Painter to the King by Amy Sackville

    In a constant quest to read something different, my eyes have been wandering about trying to pick up different titles. These days I have been picking up the not so popular ones, across genres from different parts of the globe. Though I may often not really find the plot completely palatable, I have begun to appreciate the books for various other aspects. I have begun to notice the varied writing styles adapted by authors, each with their own uniqueness. A recent book I read- Painter to the King- was a book from across the globe. Written by Amy Sackville, it was recommended by my favorite bookstagrammer. Not sure if it…

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    Queen That She Was- The Twentieth Wife #AtoZChallenge

    “I wonder what it would be like to marry a prince,” Mehrunnisa said, her eyes glazing over dreamily, “and to be a princess…”   ― Indu Sundaresan, The Twentieth Wife If there is one historical novel that I absolutely loved, then it’s got to be The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sunderasan. It’s a story of one of India’s most controversial queens, Nur Jahan. Often spotted in paintings and images as the lady behind the veil, seated behind the frames of an intricately carved palace window, Nur Jahan in reality was nothing short of a wonder woman. She radiated brilliance and determination, and it is said that her love for the young prince Jahangir,…

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    Diary of Anne Frank- #AtoZChallenge

      “Not being able to go outside upsets me more than I can say and I’m terrified our hiding place will be discovered and that we’ll be shot” – Anne Frank in her Diary Over a million copies of this book have been sold worldwide and till date this book is considered to be one of the most brilliant commentary on the Holocaust and World War 2. A real account of actual events, of troubled times and the worst massacres humanity has ever faced, Anne’s diary would move you. She gives us a glimpse into her life, the people around her, life in confinement and growing up as a young…

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    Fisher Queen’s Dynasty by Kavita Kane

    She was the queen of Hastinapur. Yet, when it comes to the great Mahabharata, her story is seldom spoken about, despite her responsibility in the continuation of the Kuru dynasty, and the consequences that would later lead to the Kurukshetra war. Fisher Queens’s Dynasty by Kavita Kane is the story of Satyavati, the second wife of the Hastinapur king, Shantanu. The book is about the courage, confidence and lesser known facts about Satyavati- the royal mother, the queen and the person who gave King Shantanu his heir to the throne! The genre of mythology isn’t really my favorite when it comes to reading. But this time around, in a mood…

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    City of Djinns By William Dalrymple #writebravely

    “For all its faults we love this city”-  William Dalrymple, City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi I have lived in Delhi for 3 years. Despite, the city being harsh in many a ways, there is something in this city that has won over my heart. The weekend was spent reading William Dalrymple’s “City of Djinns – A year in Delhi”. The book kindled a nostalgic feeling within me, of the days I spent there, my trips to the old city, the cycle rickshaw rides and the people so very unique to this place. Heard of Tughlakabad? Or want to know about the house built by William Fraser which is never on…