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My Bookstagram Project- The Way Ahead

Let’s face it Social Media is here to stay, and Instagram isn’t just a latest fad. With an enormous corpus of content being created and floated around across the various channels; and with dwindling attention spans, the best way to seek an audience today is visual content. For book bloggers, “Bookstagram” (a word coined linking books and Instagram) is a lovely medium to bring forth reviews, communicate bookish thoughts as well as to be in sync with all that’s happening in the world of books.

Enter the world of Bookstagram

In my journey so far as a “ bookstagrammer” I am often asked these questions:

  • Do clicking mere pictures of books help garner an audience?
  • Are bookstagrammers just people who click loads of picture of books?
  • Is it actually that easy?

Well, the answer to these question is a yes as well as a no. Addressing the ‘NO’- just clicking images of books isn’t going to get you hordes of people to your Instagram account. Images that are not supplemented with the appropriate content too aren’t going to work. But, a creative image with the right props, presentation and appropriate hash tags, along with a crisp brief on the book, would surely give you a larger reach across the globe. As much as it may all sound to be simple, the entire exercise is time consuming as one needs to work out a perfect back drop, shrink the review in a mere hundred words retaining the books essence.

Creative Bookstagram- The future of book promotions?

We all love to look at beautiful pictures right? How about an interesting picture with books, an image that incites a curiosity, a picture that could push you to the brink of picking up that book instantly to read! That is the power of creative bookstagram. With the number of books published, overshooting the number of readers we presently have, it makes sense to promote them in a way that’s sure to catch anyone’s attention- readers as well as non-readers.

Book blog moves to the next level

As my book blog slowly gains popularity, it makes sense for me to take it the next level, focusing on Instagram. I must confess, though, that at the start of it all I was enveloped with an overwhelming feeling. How was I to set up props? How were images to be clicked? I didn’t have a sophisticated camera. But after a little over twenty book posts, I have understood the nuances.

I am now raring to go, ready to get those creative juices flowing with Insta stories and feeds. Creative Bookstagram is my road ahead, and I hope I succeed in what I have set out to do. 

So whether you are a voracious reader, or just getting started with book, do follow me on my Instagram handle @meotherwise for all things related to books.

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  • Vinitha

    Why am I not seeing your bookstagram photos? Am I not following you? I’ll fix it immediately. Also it seems I’ve been missing out on many of your blog updates. We have to fix that problem too, right?
    Yes, I agree completely, clicking pleasing images is not an easy task. I admire anyone who can capture a decent photo of books and food. I see recommendations from here and there which pushes me to check out the book and later grab one for my reading pleasure. I don’t think that bookstagram is as easy as coining two words together. Many of us enjoy the books you review and recommend, Ramya. Keep’em coming. 🙂

  • writenlive

    Ramya, I just love the idea of Bookstagram! I have been wanting to start an account on Instagram for ages but had no idea of what to post.

    As an avid reader, I would really like to talk books, click books and share them.

    I have often wondered what does it take to choose what to click, the props etc and whether it gets repetitive after a while. I guess I am going to get my answers through your posts 😀

    Absolutely looking forward to knowing your learnings.

  • Alpana Deo

    Absolutely true. Clicking perfect imagea is never easy. It may look like clicking any other routine pic but it needs proper props, lighting, height, colors- each one these elements matter. Looking forward to your project idea. Good luck!!
    #yoga&me #MothereGurukulreads

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