When the Earth Shook- Nature at its Fury

A lazy Saturday afternoon it was.  And the earth shook. As I sat cutting fresh green ladies fingers in my kitchen, I suddenly felt the vessel shudder. Was it my hand moving? Probably it was my BP going low. But when the cups hanging on the cabinet started to clatter, I realized it was a quake. By then, hubby had realized it too. Picking up our two little ones we ran outside our apartment. We took the stairs down the 6 floors. By this time, almost the entire colony had collected below, at a distance from the building. We felt it

"As long as there is no physical abuse in the marriage, it could be endured".

What is it with cousins? We rarely meet, yet when we do; it seems like the bygone days are back again. I met my dear cousin Radhika after almost 8 years, and it felt like we are children again.   “So Radhika, happily married? How has it been?” My petite 36 year old cousin looked up at me and said,”Married, yes. Happily, I really do not know”. “Ok tumble it out Radhika”, I said. She knew I wouldn’t let her go otherwise. “I have been told by many a people, that as long as there is no physical abuse in

Quit it- Before He Gets You

“All names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals” I saw Krishna and his bandaged mouth, at the medical ward of the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital in Delhi. Thin intravenous tubes were connected to his hand and another pipe was at his mouth. His dutiful wife, Sangeetha sat by his side. She had been my domestic help for the past 4 years. And, the bond between us had grown beyond a mere employer- employee relationship, sharing daily tidbit of each others lives. With three little kids to feed and educate, Krishna worked as a rickshaw puller on

Neurologists in Jaipur

Neurology – the medical branch, is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the brain and the nervous system. A doctor or specialist practicing neurology is called a neurologist, and a surgeon who operates on the brain is called a neurosurgeon. Jaipur city has some of the country finest neurologists. The neurologists in Jaipur are highly qualified and experienced to attend to many neurological conditions.  Hospitals here boast of state of the art equipment and modern intensive care units. Common cases of neurological conditions treated in hospitals are stroke, epilepsy, headache, coma, neuropathies, myopathies, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease,

Cardiac Care in Jaipur

India is one of the fastest developing nations in the world. In the last few decades we have made tremendous progress in the field of technology, education, science and even agriculture. However there’s something of concern lurking behind- the high incidence of heart diseases in the country. According to a report published recently by the “Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)”, there has been a considerable increase in the number of heart disease cases over the past couple of decades. The statistics are pretty alarming. Cardio Care in the Cultural Centre of India-Jaipur Jaipur, the state capital of

On her banks stands the abode of education

Varanasi- The nucleus of India’s religion and culture.  Every year, hundreds of people throng the banks of the Ganga at Varanasi to cleanse themselves spiritually and physically. It is here that I met ten year old Ravi. Ravi did odd jobs around Assi Ghat through the day, serving as a guide to tourists and piligrims. With a razor sharp mind, he had learnt the tricks of the business and managed to add a few rupees to his father’s meager income. I asked him why he wasn’t in a school, for which he answered,”Bibi ji, my father cannot afford my education. Plus,

The True Meaning of Empowerment

I met Krishnaveni at a construction site in Sulur, a sleepy yet vibrant town in Coimbatore. It was a hot afternoon, with a warm breeze swaying through the trees. In a small place such as this, I learnt the true meaning of women empowerment. Krishnaveni was married off at a tender age of 16 to James Raj. Her alcoholic father couldn’t afford to tend to her, so marriage seemed to be the best solution. Two months into marriage and Krishnaveni was pregnant. The problems had just begun. James was a severe alcoholic, a fact that was kept hidden. Almost every