Indian Weddings and the Joy of Shopping for Outfits

The family was very excited. The news of a cousin getting married reached us and it was an opportunity for us to be a part of the celebration. Indian weddings are surely grand events. Multiple ceremonies, colorful decorations, meeting people, and of course dressing up in fine Indian clothes- weddings in our country is a grand spectacle. With barely a month left for the wedding, we had just about time to get all the outfits in place, and deciding what would be more appropriate for each of the ceremonies. With a full time job, packed schedules and two school going

SEAMO- South Asian Mathematical Olympiad- an Interesting Platform to Expose Young Minds to Maths

We do live in a competitive world, don’t we? And in such a world, do you want to give your child that competitive edge? Then here is an Olympiad with a difference. The SEAMO- SOUTHEAST ASIAN MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIAD- is an interesting platform to expose young minds and identify mathematical talent, by giving creative challenges. The Olympiad provides competition at the highest level, though in a friendly way. SEAMO provides resources for students of various levels to hone their problem-solving skills and to prepare for more challenging competitions in the future. Background of SEAMO SEAMO is a concept originating from Singapore.

Postcards from Goa- with Akbar Travels

“Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.”- Dalai Lama I consider travel to be a way of life. You are awake; you eat, go out, see new things, meet new people and explore the culture. Travel is not about just reaching your destination, it is an experience. What’s a better holiday destination than our very own Goa! As Delhi sizzled at 45 degrees centigrade, it was time to plan a trip to one of the most beautiful states in India. Goa, with its pristine beaches, heritage, culture and some fantastic food, is the perfect getaway, especially if you are

The Subtle Art of Choosing a Saree Blouse- Most Trending Blouse Neck Designs

It is no denying that the Indian saree is the most elegant piece of apparel. A well draped saree can actually accentuate a woman’s beauty and give her that perfect look, irrespective of what the occasion is. And the life line of every saree wardrobe is surely the blouse. Gone are the days of the simple plain Jane blouses, with either a round or V neckline. Today, the design of the blouse, the fit and its necklines are very important to give a saree the perfect look. A smart, well-tailored, aesthetic blouse can do wonders to women’s comfort and confidence.

Winning over those cold Russian days- I am More Indian Than You Think!

The wind was cold and harsh. Despite the heavy jacket, it seemed to cut through every muscle of my body. As the snow fell on the cobbled streets of Moscow, I cursed myself for having volunteered for the eighteen month long assignment, in the capital city of Russia. Much to my mother’s displeasure, I had packed my bags, knowing very well the temperature in winters could touch as low as -15 degrees centigrade!!! As I stepped out of the Domadevo Airport, armed with the one Russian phrase I knew- здравствуйте (“How are you?”), the gargantuan city of Moscow, simply took

Welcome Summer with Bumchums Range of Casual Wear

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” – John Lubbock Summer season brings with it, vivid memories of my childhood- of carefree and fun days. They were days of zero responsibilities, of running around, irrespective of the blazing sun or the sweltering heat outside. Summer days are a joy, and they still are for me. The desire to go back I would want to go back to

Data Recovery and Protection on the Occassion of World Backup Day

It’s World Backup Day!  Data loss can happen at any time. So, World Backup Day is a day set aside to remind us to back up files and protect our data, if not regularly, at least once a year- on 31st March! A back up is essentially a second copy or a reserve of your files/ data that’s most precious to you. There’s nothing more traumatizing than losing your data. And in today’s digital world, there are a hundred odd ways where one could lose their data. My Blogging Journey  “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth.

Pick that Perfect Apartment in Jaipur

Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan, is culturally rich and one of India’s finest cities. With a great heritage, the city attracts millions of tourists every year. Today the pink city is considered as one among the ten mega cities of India. No wonder the real estate market in Jaipur is flourishing, with all the infrastructural development the city is witnessing, and its proximity with the capital city of Delhi. Jaipur is situated on the Delhi- Mumbai Highway, and the city boasts of a well-planned road and railway network. The city is a part of the golden triangle with adequate education, hospitality and

Medical Store Embarrassment?

Noticed how buying condoms is often a nerve racking and uncomfortable experience for many? It does seem quite surprising, considering the fact that, it is the step forward towards being responsible and practicing safer sex.  But then, how could I forget, we belong to a country where sexuality is always behind closed doors, and one seldom displays the minutest possibility of having any inclination. No wonder, people mumble, fumble and whisper, to buy that pack of condoms. The medical store drama I was at a medical store recently, and as I stood waiting to be attended to, my eyes caught

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