St. Petersberg- A Treasure of Russia

So wasn’t I lucky? Thanks to hubby dearie and his job, I got to spend a good ten days in St. Petersburg last year. And I must say the city stole my heart. “Fantastico” and charming, the beauty around was simply indescribable. St. Petersburg is a prospering and thriving tourist hub in northern Russia. Blogging about each and every thing I saw in Petersburg would be a voluminous task. I choose my favourite bit- the Peter and Paul Fortress. Does this sound straight out of the childhood nursery rhyme “Two little dickey birds sitting on a wall. One name Peter

Life Across the Sand Dunes

I wasn’t too happy to do the camel safari on a recent trip to Jaisalmer. It seemed pretty in-human to be mounted on an animal and being dragged around in one of the most difficult terrains- the desert. Before I began my journey to Jaisalmer- the Golden City of India, I was gently advised by a dear friend of mine, who probably knew my eccentricities, that if you are going to the Thar Desert, there is no way you are to miss the camel safari. The Sam sand dunes, an odd 60 kms inland from the Indo-Pak border, are a

What Did I Carry Back From Rajasthan?

During my recent trip to Rajasthan, I realized how important “music” is to them and, the integral part it plays in their culture. Whether it is the somber tones that are emanated from the seventeen-string “Kamaicha”(instrument made out of mango wood and a round resonator, covered in goat leather) or the soulful voices of the local tribes, Rajasthan music will fill your heart with a feeling that cannot be described. As a tourist, I walked on the dusty lanes of Jaisalmer, to be greeted by sounds of music at practically every nook and corner. From the sounds of anklets that

Keep Your Face to the Sunshine…

Ranchi- the capital city of Jharkhand is located in the southern most part of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. From natural water falls, to dams, to temples, the city boasts of many attractions. The Dassam Falls, the Hundru Falls, the Jonha Falls, the Hirni falls and the Panchghagh falls are just a few of them. No wonder the city is known as the “City of Waterfalls”. And not to forget, the city is home to one of India’s greatest cricketers, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. In this beautiful city, is young Shweta Mandal, a 27 year old girl the city is truly proud

Book Review- Ramayana The Game of Life- Stolen Hope

Despite mythology not really being my genre, I braved and read “The Ramayana The Game of Life- Stolen Hope” by Shubha Vilas. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised that by the time I reached the end of the book, I was pretty pleased with myself. I not only enjoyed the experience but was also able to soak in some essential values it brought out. The Stolen Hope is a part of the Ramayana Series. The earlier parts were Rise of the Sun Prince and Shattered Dreams. I was initially apprehensive about going head on first with the third

Yashodhara Lal- There’s Something About You

Ok So I have been doing a whole lot of reading lately. Thanks to my kids who have been exceptionally well-behaved for some time now and the lovely chill weather of Delhi. Just tuck into bed in a warm blanket with a book—it is a great feeling. And this time, I picked up the glossy looking third book of Yashodara Lal – “There’s Something about You”. The title did remind me of the Hollywood flick “There’s Something about Mary”. The book has nothing to do with the movie though. So here it is. The story of Trishna aka Trish –

Nitesh Hyde Park – A Nitesh Estates blunder

As bloggers, we sure do have this unique power and ability to voice out our opinions and grievances about things that bother us. Here is Rahul Narula’s blog that speaks about the unprofessional behaviour of Nitesh Estates- a tier one builder based in Bangalore. I had to post this – as a blogger and as a fellow property holder in the mentioned project. Originally Posted on Today January 5, 2016 seems to a different day. After been associated with Nitesh Estates over a period of about 6 years today I feel I am ready to share my experiences with others. Before

Is The True Indian a Very Scared Person?- Guest Post By Priyanka

Aren’t we the cultured, patient, tolerant, civilized extremely hard working, brainy people, invading the smartest of the workplaces throughout the world? Or are we something else all-together? Read this interesting guest post from Priyanka– a reader, and her take on who we actually are.  Irrespective of the language or religion of a nation, we Indians have a natural tact to blend in and survive!! Yes, that’s the word that describes us. We know how to survive. And what’s unique in our survival instinct is that we don’t fight!! We never fight!! Look at our own independence!!! No fight at all…..all

Must You Only Empower Yourself?

“Why do you want to write about me Didi? I work as a domestic maid and barely make ends meet,” said Poonam. I replied, “It is not often that you meet a person with guts to stand up for themselves and, also for others in a similar predicament.” The creases on her forehead leveled out as she picked up the hot cup of chai. “I miss my home in Firozabad. The lush green fields, my father’s charpoy, and my school near the Talab. I left everything to marry Rajbir. He was good, until the day we discovered my first pregnancy-

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