And death was what was given to him

His eyes were still, but his thoughts seemed to be drifting away- to his home, to his family. Everything around seemed so blur. He knew death was around the corner. He sensed it. He knew he was innocent. All that he was doing was a duty that was bestowed upon him by his superiors. He did though share a common interest with them- of safeguarding his people, of protecting his land. But the perpetrators of his death, found him guilty-of attacking them. And death was what was given to him. In the wee hours of the day, he breathed his last.

"Not" in the Name of Dowry

As I walked into the venue, the extravagance and shimmer all around left me spellbound. Beautifully dressed girls in the finest of “Kancheevaram” silks sprinkled fragrant rose water, welcoming every guest. The entrance to the main hall was strewn with the finest of red roses, with brightly lit chandeliers all across. I could spot Shruti from almost 15 feet away. The gleam from the diamonds that adorned her neck had caught my eye.  Her hands bore the weight of a dozen odd gold bangles, and her heavily embroided sari draped around her delicately. Ravi in his perfectly tailored blue “Sherwani”

Life Begins at 35- Really!!!

When I was twenty something, I often used to hear women, a wee bit older than me, state that “Life begins at 35 for a woman”. And almost always this statement used to amuse me. There seemed to be no truth in it for me. At 35, on an average, most women are married with a baby or two. Some are physically not in great shape, well with a flab here or so, thanks to the child-bearing years.  Most, would have taken a sabbatical from their professional lives, to tend to their little ones. Many would be in the thick

Devadasi- Married to the lord

“Rayaru bandaru Maavana manege Ratri Aagithu, Hunnime haraside banina naduve chandira bandittu” -(When the groom reached his father-in-laws house it was late at night. In the moonlit night, the moon rode high) We sat on the straw mat listening to this old Kannada melody. The light of the full moon enveloped the entire sky, and I could see its radiance reflect on Sarayu’s face. I had met her just that morning outside Yellamma Guda temple, at Saundatti village, Karnataka, India. It was the first day of the Yellamma Jatara Festival, where every year over two lakh people take part to

What is it that Men's Cricket has that Women's Cricket Doesn't

As a child, I always thought the national sport of India was Cricket. There has always been a lot of pomp and show around the sport. So much so, for most of us cricket is an obsession. The sport has crept into our lives and made its presence so strong that almost all of us Indians live, eat and breathe the sport, irrespective of whether we are actually playing the game. Oh! By the way I was talking about the men’s cricket team in our country!!!! Sounds rude and shocking? Unfortunately this is the truth. Most of us are seldom

Can We Do Something About Partition Now?

“The camps were a suffocating room, full of tears. Countless bodies were strewn all along the way, left for vultures to feed on”. It was a journey she would never forget. For Amandeep Kaur, it has been 68 long years since she left home. The tears have dried up since, yet the pain of the wound inflicted by partition is still deep within, never to be healed. After gaining independence from British Raj, India was divided into two separate countries- India and Pakistan. A major population exchange happened with around 25 million people relocating to their new homes. The magnitude

Can’t Marry You- You Are Drunk

It’s time to say a BIG No!!! We are a country, where arranged marriages are still the norm and young girls are wedded off to a groom their parents deem fit. Most often girls seldom have a say in the selection. Amidst all this, are quite a few young girls who are rejecting their groom right on the big day of their wedding. The reasons may seem hilarious and trivial but when you scratch deep inside and look, it speaks volumes, about courage, where young girls are actually calling the shots. Marriage is a big affair in India. When marriages

Crash the Crash diet- Get Healthy with a Honey Diet

As the mother of two young girls, I am constantly fretting about their nutrition. It sure indeed is a tough task, getting them to eat right, and ensuring they get a well balanced diet. However in today’s age, with school, play time and other activities keeping our kids busy, I often feel I am failing in my endeavor. And to top it all, my kids are fussy eaters. To save my day I came across the “Honey Diet”. Honey as a food item is seldom disliked by children. My girls love it and could lap up a complete spoon full.

Surf it All! Surf it Fast- With the UC Browser

Cricket is a sport that practically everyone loves in this country of ours. The sport has crept into our lives and made its presence so strong that almost all of us Indians live, eat and breathe the sport, irrespective of whether we are actually playing the game. It is our religion, and has somehow got itself embedded deep into our lives. A few years ago, during the years I was a child, the only way to be connected to the game was to catch it live on television, or to stay tuned to the radio to listen to the score.

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