Should I continue the Fight? A Cancer Story

He was not our friend. Nor was he a relative. Not even a neighbor, yet he was our solace during our worst of days. This is “his” story- of Mr. Rao (name changed on request). As we walked in to the hostile looking Oncology ward in Manipal hospital for the first time, little did we know what was actually in store. Of course we had read up on the “not so nice” side effects of chemotherapy. But we still had not seen the real picture. The first bed that greeted us in the narrow ward, had a lean man, probably

My Airtel App

Welcome to the world of smart phones. Today we practically do everything on our smart phones. We watch movies, transact bank accounts, and can even plan a holiday. The latest entrant into this world of smart phones is the Airtel App. I recently downloaded this app titled “My Airtel App” on my phone. And I must say I was amazed to see the plethora of features it boasted of. From amazing offers, to recharging DTH, tracking account usage, and even buying products, this app is convenience all the way. It is an app that every Airtel user must have on

Story time with Hama-Guri

“Hi! I am Hama-Guri and this is my friend Ma-Door. We are your friends now. Aren’t we Ma-Door?” As I read these lines, I saw my little girl’s face light up. The look that told me to continue and fill her in with more details of Hama-Guri. Reading out a story aloud to a child is one of the best things in life. As enjoyable as it is to the child, it is equally a pleasure for the parent. For the past month, my 6 year old has immersed herself in the world of Hama-Guri. I was fortunate to receive a reviewer’s

Ek Nayi League

I am not much of a cricket buff. I seldom catch any match on television except when it is an India Pakistan World Cup match. And even then, I seldom watch it in entirety. But something did catch my eye today. Something interesting that has been doing the rounds on social media networks. I came across a series of promotional videos that featured cricketer Kapil Dev. What was Kapil Dev doing on Twitter? This was my first reaction. I soon realized what it was. Titled “Ek Nayi League”, a series of videos have been trending in the top spots on

Pads Against Sexism

The recent campaign in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, has caused quite a furor. It was the sanitary napkin campaign, in protest against India’s patriarchy and rape culture. A group of students calling themselves ‘Periods’ had messages written on sanitary napkins. These were then stuck on walls all across the campus. The scribbled messages were clear- to break society’s taboo on speaking about menstruation, bring about gender sensitization and the stigma of those raped or molested. The protests were drawn in line with the international ‘Pads Against Sexism’ campaign that was started on International Women’s Day (March 8) by a German woman named

The Salman Verdict- And Our Delayed Judicial System

The verdict is out. Celebrated Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been convicted in the 2002 Hit and Run Case, which claimed one life and injured a few others. After a 13 year long trial, the Mumbai sessions court today handed down a 5 year jail sentence to the actor. He was charged under IPC Sections 304 part II (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), which typically stipulates 10 years in jail. The incident occurred when the actor in a drunken state drove his Land Cruiser into a group of homeless men sleeping on the pavement in suburban Mumbai. He however rejected

Death Bed Visions

“He lay on his death bed, mumbling and moaning. I noticed his eyes- they were transfixed at the room door. Did I catch a movement of his pupils? Well, probably once or twice in a span of an hour.” Just a month back, I had met father’s oncologist. “The cancer is terminal”, she had said. I asked with a grim face, “So how long more?” A tough question for any doctor to answer. But she answered, diplomatically, “Unlikely months may be weeks.”  I had got the message. Father wasn’t really going to make it through.  And his first sign of

Marital Rapes Still Not a Crime

“Rape is the crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse or any other form of sexual penetration with the offender against their will”. We generally associate this term when the man involved is a stranger. But what if it’s the person within the home, such as one’s spouse? Marital rape, the term used in such cases, is non-consensual sex in which the perpetrator is the victim’s spouse. The force could result in intimate partner violence, an abuse of power, establishing dominance and control over the other. So what’s the big deal? Isn’t sex a