Deepika Padukone's My Choice- How much will seep through the masses?

At a time when issues on women empowerment, sexual abuse, rape etc…are trending topics all over social media, a new video featuring Deepika Padukone has gone viral. The video has been made under the Vogue campaign on women empowerment by Homi Adajania on a script written by Kersi Khambatta. Along with Deepika, the film also features 99 women from all walks of life- celebrity hairstylist and business woman Adhuna Akhtar, film critic Anupama Chopra, actor Nimrit Kaur and a few others. So what is this video all about? It is a somber monologue of Deepika, speaking about women having their

Tending to Little Ones -Pediatricians in Delhi

It’s a joy for almost any parent to see a happy and healthy child. As a mother of two little ones, I try hard to ensure I shield my babies from illnesses and discomforts of sorts. I cook up a variety of nutritious meals and make them play enough. I practically leave no stone unturned to keep them healthy and fit. Yet, with the growing levels of pollutants and viruses all around us in a big metro such as Delhi, my little ones do fall ill. Thankfully for me, Delhi has some good pediatricians around. From government run general hospitals to

I feel like a guest in my hubby’s home.

Today the office lunch hour discussion was between Trisha, Mrs. Dey and me. Trisha, our super talented animator, had been feeling low for almost a week. So Mrs. Dey (“Boss K’s” 50 year old secretary) and I decided to give her an ear. Trisha has been married for 2 years to a very charming banker. And here is what she had to say today. “Having been raised in a conservative ‘Tam-Brahm’ household, I hoped I would be part of a forward thinking family after marriage. I wanted to pursue my animation career even after marriage. When I met my prospective

Back From a Break… Back With a Bang

So it was a week-long break for me and the kids… A week cut off from the world of the internet, social media and blogging. How hooked we are to this virtual world. I have spent the entire morning clearing emails, replying to comments on my blogs, tweeting and scrolling through Facebook. Phew!!! A good two hours gone by!! And it was just a week of absence. The first few days of this holiday, made me feel jittery. I havent blogged, I hadn’t replied to mails. As the week slowly progressed, I kind off got used to it. I actually didnt

India's Daughter- Can we give it a Chance?

So the entire day, my office was abuzz with discussions on whether India’s Daughter, the documentary by Leslie Udwin should be banned or not. The documentary features the interview of Mukesh Singh, a key accused in the case. Mukesh is currently in Tihar Jail, awaiting his death sentence, which he has appealed against. In the interview, Mukesh apparently shows no remorse. He said: “A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.” There were several other derogatory comments made by him, which currently stands banned by the Indian Government. From media debates to heated opinion on social media,

The Vanishing Brides of Haryana

“All names of people have been changed to protect their identity.” Rewari is a small district in the south of Haryana, around 50 odd kilometers away from the National Capital. I met Balbir Hooda and his wife Poonam Devi here. Richard and I were out on our weekly field trip when we met them. Courteous and extremely hospitable, the couple invited us over for lunch in their modest home, overlooking a paddy field. Haryana is blessed with cattle wealth, and this was visible in the lunch served. Hot parathas (handmade flat bread) soaked with homemade “tindi ghee” (clarified butter), with