Where did that slumber go?

 Warm comfort of the blanket, Cuddled inside its folds; I tightly hold on to her, The one who cradled me. I slumber on in her arms, blissful, unaware of repels; Drifting slowly into, Dreams of a far away land. I know not what fear is, I know not what pain is; So secure I am with her, I see not the future ahead. But future isn’t distant, It slowly moves towards me; Embracing me slowly, Dragging me into him. I see no longer her, The one who brought me; With all her love, To the future world here. I am

Hiding under a wig

This blog post is dedicated to “J”, a reader of my blog. Thanks for sharing your story “J”.  In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.” “J” all of 52 years is a successful hair stylist in Los Angeles. As a stylist with her own salon, she thought she knew everything that is to be known about styling and hair cuts. Afterall having trained in the Hair Design Institute, Manhattan, her expertise could not be doubted. But at the age of 49, “J” was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. The diagnosis, surgery and treatment, all came as a

When Death Came Knocking At Our Door

Left us stiff through the way, When Death Came knocking at our door. Not once did he let us stay in peace; Not once did he make us feel at ease. He said at first let me in, Of course we couldn’t let him win. We tried and tried to keep him at bay; But little did we realize it’s finally his say. He took with him not father alone, But money, cheer and left us worn. Why us? I often asked; Why so cruel?  I often wonder. But answer to this I seldom got, It was him who got

Where can I find time?

This post is an answer to my 6 year old’s question… “Where can I find time?” Things are so easy these day. You click with your camera and the photograph could be there for you to see immediately. You feel like having a pizza, you just make a swipe on your smart phone and within 30 minutes you have it at your door step. Your bank can come home so that you don’t really have to stand in long queues to do your transactions. Book your tickets and choose your seats to watch your favourite movie. You save time by

All in Good Faith

“In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Good Faith.” “Religion, spirituality, faith … do they all lead you to the supreme being?”.. I was watching a very interesting chat show on television recently where this question was raised by a gentleman in the audience. The show was being addressed by a very renowned religious teacher. Of course, he did provide an answer, a solution to being with the supreme being, But it got me thinking otherwise. Before I go ahead, I just want to clarify that I am not an atheist. I just don’t agree sometimes with a few

Stigma in Cancer Patients- Shoudnt we be concerned?

The term ” stigma” means “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person”. Well, this is what you get when you search for the meaning on google. But for a cancer patient, stigmas are much more. I was recently chatting with a cancer patient on a popular forum.He was sharing his feelings with me and I was disturbed after what I learnt from the chat. It begins from the time of diagnosis. The attitudes that prevail range from denial to a drop in self-esteem. A general feeling that other people may probably now see the patient as less

A Change- It need not be big…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.” A very common thought process among many on diagnosis of cancer is that it is the end. The future may often seem bleak and concerns about loved ones crop up in mind increasing the anxiety.A very normal and common phenomenon of the mind, cancer diagnosis does affect ones mind. But still… all I have to say is that.. Chin up look ahead… You are a fighter. Dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in March 2010. At that time he wasnt really given much time to live. The prognosis was

Do you have a story to share?

Fighting cancer is tough. And many have been successful. For a cancer patient, every day, every moment is survival. That’s my way of looking at it. I have been reading up a lot on this, catching up with survivors who have had a new lease of life after the harsh treatments undergone. I realised, such stories of survivors serve as a great inspiration for many. Cancer can weigh one down both mentally and physically. Many a times it could severely depress the patient as well as the immediate care giver. I am looking out for anyone who has a story –