Where can I find time?

This post is an answer to my 6 year old’s question… “Where can I find time?”


Things are so easy these day. You click with your camera and the photograph could be there for you to see immediately. You feel like having a pizza, you just make a swipe on your smart phone and within 30 minutes you have it at your door step. Your bank can come home so that you don’t really have to stand in long queues to do your transactions. Book your tickets and choose your seats to watch your favourite movie. You save time by not having to stand outside the theatre trying to get a ticket. Everything is available at a swish, swash or click with your fingers.

Oh well we can save so much time. Yet if there’s one thing we all don’t have with us these days is Time. What an irony!! A sentence that I have often heard people around me make is, “Oh, I just don’t have the time!!!” It makes me wonder.. when things have become all so easy for us, why is it that we still can’t find time?

I distinctly remember the days of the 80’s, when STD was no where in the picture, and making a call to a loved one in another city meant booking a trunk call. We used to wait for an hour or so till the operator made that precious connection. Speaking at the top of our voices, and to our hearts content, that one conversation would make our day. It would leave behind a single smile for a long time. In today’s world of whats app, emails, facebook, twitter and so many numerous other ways to keep in touch, we still are trying to find time to call that dear friend home. So caught up are we in our busy lives we have forgotten to unwind ourselves with our loved ones.

I still cannot find the perfect answer for my daughter. She is bugged hearing people say they have no time.

Where can one find time? Is it lying somewhere deep within all of us? I personally feel, we create our own time. So you cannot “not” have something you create yourself. We have just stopped creating time for ourselves. May be if we stopped, and just looked around us, life would be easier and time aplenty.

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  1. Well, the day you have the time you will find that you have nothing to do! Enjoy being swept off your feet in a rush of activities….feel blessed that you have so many people/things to occupy you rather than just wait for something to happen

  2. So true! And, the in spite of being connected with the world, we still somehow don’t find the time to truly connect with our loved ones, or even ourselves! There’s a saying that goes something like this, “The busiest person is the one who finds time for everything!”
    So, I guess, unless we really make time for everything and everyone – including ourselves – we really should not call ourselves busy! 🙂

  3. This is so true and what an irony that we have scores of time saving devices yet don’t have enough time. We fill our days with unnecessary things and begin to think of them as essentials. Loved your thoughts. We do need start making time.

  4. Do you know the secret to finding time? 🙂 I found out a while ago. It’s when we sort our priorities and make the time. Earlier we didn’t have so many things jostling for attention. Now we do. That’s the difference. But you’re right. Where life has become simpler, people have also complicated it. It’s in our hands to find and make time. 🙂

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