Grandparents- The Best Caregivers After You

What is it with us moms? For often we make plans, just to feel guilty about it at a later time. So recently a sponsored holiday trip came our way, and hubby and I were all too keen to grab the opportunity. But this also meant leaving our 6 year old for a week with my parents. Kiddo loves spending time with them, as there are seldom any rules for her in their home. However this would be the first time she would be without either one of us- hubby or me- for a couple of days. It was tough

‘Cause Prevention is Better Than Cure

“It wouldn’t have reached this stage had a preventive health check been done, detecting it early”. The oncologist said, gazing at my father’s reports. Five years back my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. Eventually he succumbed to the disease despite the multiple surgeries, chemo sessions and hospital rounds, which did nothing but burn a hole in his pocket. But this episode did do one thing positive! It highlighted the importance of preventive health checkups. There are two sets of people- those who run to the doctor for every sniffle, and those who simply never do. I am talking

Why Do We Use a Handkerchief?

If you thought handkerchiefs are used for personal hygiene reasons and, well,  it is sort of unsightly to wipe your nose on your sleeve, then you do need to think again. This morning Delhi taught me otherwise. Sitting in an autorikshaw and travelling from RK Puram to Paharganj I learnt the greatness of this tiny piece of cloth that stays in our pockets through the day. A handkerchief is surely an indispensible tool, being a part and parcel of us, wherever we go daily. No wonder I noticed sellers in Paharganj market seated with their baskets loaded with them. You could

Book Review: The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man

Genre- Spiritual Fiction Gopal Banerjee is just like you and me. A simple man, he loves his profession, the money he makes and generally content dealing with the rigmaroles of daily living. Until… he encounters… the great “Maya Devi”….. If you are keen on a soul-stirring book on spirituality and the thoughts that come with it, here is a new read – “The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man” by a relatively new author, Roy. I didn’t know much about the author until I picked up the book. On initial thought the name of the author by itself, seemed to

Books to Look Forward to In June-July 2016

To all the book lovers out there, so far 2016 has been a good year with a plethora of interesting books being launched, both by Indian as well as international authors. In the next few months a couple of more interesting books have been lined up, some from bestselling authors and a few from relatively lesser known ones. I decided to pick out a few that would be worth looking at. Please note this isn’t really an exhaustive one, it is based on my personal choice and my reading experiences. A few of these books are already out. I havent really had an opportunity to read them yet, thus including