A Doll for a Boy- Are we Stereotyping Gender Roles?

On a recent visit to the market, my little girl, insisted on buying a “pink” Kinder joy- an egg shaped chocolate that sport a toy inside. The store didn’t have a pink one, so I picked up a blue one instead. My 6 year old was aghast, “I am a girl Amma, and I can’t have a blue Kinderjoy. I was momentarily taken aback. “Blue ones have a car inside and the pink ones have a doll. Girls don’t play with cars,” she said. I was quite surprised at what my girl had just told me. Hubby and I had

Am I The Atheist in the TamBrahm Household?

What’s the meaning of Atheism? The oxford dictionary defines it as “a belief that God does not exist”. However I often notice the term loosely being used, especially if beliefs are in contrast to traditional ones. I am from a “Tam Brahm” upbringing. Every traditional, ritualistic Tam Brahm household must begin its morning with the Suprabhatam (a devotional invocation dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara). Daily “Shlokas” (couplets dedicated to the Supreme Being) are to be chanted, before starting the day’s work and at dusk when the lamp was lit. Not doing so meant wrath from the elders of the family. Regular

4 Main Reasons Why Indians Prefer a Son

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Light.” and To Prime Minister Modi’s “Beti Padao Beti Bachao” scheme. As a mother of two girls, all through the years, I have had people telling me, about the importance of having a son. So last week I decided to chat up with people I know- both young and old- to understand what the actual thought is. And I must say I was appalled at what came out of it. When I was expecting my elder one, the “renowned” elderly women of my colony would often judge the shape of my

Love makes you do insane things

 I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.  “Are you crazy? You have a flight to catch tomorrow night. This is not the time to be doing this,” said Kaila my roommate and buddy of 4 years. Kaila and I have been associated with each other since our engineering days in IIT Kharagpur. I being the impulsive kinds always looked up to her for advice. But not today. “If I don’t do this bus journey now, I may just lose Abhi forever. My onsite project is for 6 months and in this period I fear his

Click and Forget

I was recently on a short vacation to Chennai visiting my maternal grandmother. As I sat rummaging through an old brown box lying in the attic of her home, I came across an old monochrome photograph. Despite the fading and the curled edges, I could distinctly make out the picture. It had a little girl, not more than 10 years old, dressed in the traditional attire, with layers of jewels. What struck me was the deep frown on her beautiful little face. It seemed to have been clicked in an open field. A wooden bench seated the girl in the

He lived a good life, right?

Inspired by NDTV and Fortis Health4UCancerthon, this Sunday, Richard and I decided to do our bit for those, who have in some way or the other been affected by the disease- either as a patient or as a caregiver. Being a very informal thing, we stuck to those we know and would be responsive to our care. During the course of the day, I paid a visit to dear Mrs. K, a 60 something lady of utmost grit and strength. After having lost her husband to colo-rectal cancer two years ago, Mrs. K recently was operated for a benign lump