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The Shooting Star By Travel Blogger Shivya Nath

She isn’t a new name in the world of travel blogging. In fact, Shivya is already an inspiration to all those who love to dream, travel and write.  Her blog documents her globetrotting experiences, and has garnered a huge fan following. Today it is considered to be one of India’s leading travel blogs. Shivya has made her appearance on the cover of the National Geographic Traveller India, BBC travel, NDTV, TED x and various other publications across the globe. The Shooting Star is her book- her memoir that gives us a glimpse into her world!

How did it all begin?

What do you seek as a young 23 year old? A plush corporate job that pays you great bucks, weekends with friends to party, shopping to ones heart’s content! Isn’t this what most young working individuals consider as an ideal and content life? Shivya was in a similar state, until the moment when the restless feeling began to settle within her. Surely, this was not what she wanted from her life. Confined to that office cubicle space, it was stifling in every way. With a great desire to break free and explore, at 23 years of age, she quit her corporate job with the Singapore Tourism Board to travel the world. It was a decision that didn’t quite go down well at home. But, Shivya just had to give it all up. Living out of her savings, in a year’s times she had sold most of her belongings to live a sort of nomadic existence. With a back pack, giving up the need to have a permanent address, she embarked on a journey that has taken her across, the Himalayas, the Amazon rain forests, Guatemala, Costa Rica and other far-fetched places. The Shooting Star beings out her experiences in the form of a brilliant narrative, giving readers vivid descriptions of landscapes and people, ones that are unseen, unheard….

Her world, her experiences

“The harder I concentrated on trying to shut out the deafening drone of the river, the harder my head pounded with scenes from my childhood that I had no conscious recollection of. I opened my eyes to check if the comforting trees were still there and sat up with a violent nauseating sensation in my stomach. You purge your negative energies…” Shivya Nath, The Shooting Star

In the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador, lives a small population of the indigenous Quechua people in the disconcerting darkness of the forest, sans electricity. The community follows a strange ritual. In a night ceremony in the forest, Ayahuasca, a native Amazonian plant is brewed. This portion is given to people to help cleanse their negative energies. A ritual no doubt, yet the portion is considered to be one of the most powerful hallucinogens in the world. As Shivya spends an evening with the tribe, she consumes the portion that sends her to a trance like state, with a spinning sensation that blurs the world around her. As you read through the book, you come across many such unique experiences that enlighten you of customs, of people, of the world around. And as insightful as these, are heartwarming notes on her time in Cabana as she walked on the quiet shores of Cabuya, picking up fistfuls of black sand and watching them slip between her fingers.

A travel memoir of a kind

The Shooting Star isn’t the usual kind of travel book with an itinerary or destination plan. It’s a memoir with the most personal of stories, straight from the heart. Not limiting in any way, it takes you far and wide getting you immersed into serene landscapes, difficult terrains, varied people and culture. The narrative is akin to reading a blog post and that’s what gives the book a personal touch.

Love to travel to exclusive destinations? Or, find yourself cribbing about not being able to plan a holiday or travel destination due to your mundane schedule? Then, The Shooting Star is your perfect getaway to a new world, without having to leave that couch you are on.

It’s the story of a girl, her back pack and her world!

The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World
The book is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.
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  • Parul Thakur

    If I am not wrong, hers was a blog I have followed for the last 5 years and I love her writing. I know of the book from her blog but I will sure pick this up. Thank you for an honest review, Ramya.

  • the bespectacled mother

    I am forever interested in reading stories and experiences such as the one Shivya had in the Amazon rainforests of Equador. I do not have a traveller spirit and so I have never read travel blogs. Therefore, I do not know Shivya or her blog. The only one I know is Divyakshi, yet I have not read her blog too. I will read this book for the amazing life experiences. It is a marvel how you manage to read so many books from different genres and stay regular with your book review posts. One of these days, as soon as I recover from my present state, I would like to have a chat with you about all sorts of things 🙂

  • Shalzzz

    Shivya is an insspiration. I have read many of her blog posts and have always been in awe of her writing. Great to know that through her book she is sharing a lot more of her experiences. Great review as always, Ramya.

  • rashimital

    I have loved to travel but now with two kids and hubby’s huge workload travel has taken a back seat. That’s the reason i keep away from reading travel blogs. These tempt me and then I feel bad about not being able to travel. I want to read them for the love of travelling but just pull myself from reading them. 🙁

  • Mayuri6

    I have heard of Shivya Nath, and people talk of her in awe. Glad she has a book out, sharing her experiences with us. Another, balanced and good review, Ramya.

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