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What’s Your Reading Pattern? #writebravely

Like many bibliophiles, beginning every New Year, I set ambitious goals to complete reading a certain number of books by the end of the year. And like many other resolutions, this goal too mostly stays an unaccomplished one. I must confess here, that this could be attributed to my sheer in-consistence in reading pattern. It of course could well be argued that reading requires no specific pattern. Or, for that matter even a goal. Reading must be purely for the joy of it.

However, this truly does not hold good for a self-proclaimed book lover such as me. I am often left feeling guilty, at the sight of a pile of unread books. There are days when I am a promiscuous reader, and yet there are days when I just keep juggling between 2-3 books at the same time. I pick up one book, read it for a while and put it down in favor of another. It’s this sort of indiscipline that seems to hamper the reading habit!

This weekend sitting in complete guilt, I decided to do something about this pattern of inconsistency. Considering the era that we live in, I approached the World Wide Web for a probable solution. Not really sure if I found one, but I did stumble upon some interesting results. There exist various sorts of reading patterns amongst people. Here is a summary of my understanding of this pattern existing among readers.

What Kind of Reader Are You?

The goody two shoes reader

Are you the disciplined one? The reader who does it all chronologically? Then you are the goody two shoes reader. You read slowly and steadily, buy a book carefully only after finishing the book that you currently have.

The juggler in the ring

As a juggler you could conveniently, juggle between four or five books at a time. You are capable of switching between books depending on your mood (or the weather), and are able to keep track of the narratives. You are a multi-tasker and never mix up the plots, despite having many books to read at a time.

The sleep induced reader

A book for you is like a sleeping pill. You need those few pages every night, irrespective of what the story line is, to rock you to sleep. It doesn’t really matter how the book is, and it doesn’t matter how long you have been stuck with that single book.

The enthu-cutlet reader

If you grab anything which has words, text books, boring classics, Shakespeare etc…, then you truly are classified as the most enthusiastic reader. You could literally be called a book eater, as you spare nothing.

The picky one

As the picky reader you pick a read only on the basis of a suggestion or, after considerable research. The only books that grace your bookshelf are from authors you’ve read before or those that have been gifted to you. Your choice of books is more habitual.

The trend reader

You don’t really go searching for books, but would definitely pick those that seem to be setting a trend. After all, you love to be in sync with what’s happening. 

The side-tracked or distracted reader

Oh well! So here is the category I fall under. Easily distracted, switching between books and piling up a whole lot of unread ones. The TBR list is longer than one can read in a life time.

The ambitious reader

You read books to review them, and have a complete schedule in place. You know what you are going to read next. Your reviews are almost always up on your blog; you’re almost done with your TBR and your looming deadlines.

Just as there are a number of variants in human behavior reading patterns too are numerous in number. Thus, this surely isn’t an exhaustible list.

Do you have an interesting reading pattern to share?

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  • thevintagegypsygirl

    This is a terrific list of the different types of book readers. I too am a ambitious reader and I also juggle books. I have trouble abandoning books because I get invested in characters and my curiosity to find out the ending will not let me.

  • Shruti Arora

    I am The goody two shoes reader and a icky one too. The problem arises when I am done with current book and not able to decide or pick the next one. Being a avid reader that causes lot of frustration.

  • opinionatedmua

    seems like everyone else in this comment section, am a distracted reader too. But it feels good to not be alone in this 😉

  • Alice Gerard

    I am a distracted reader who belongs to a book club. I get my book and then I get distracted and then I have to finish it in a great rush before the meeting! It’s even more dramatic when I have to lead the discussion.

  • Nupur

    Lovely blog! I exhibit different patterns at different times. However, at present I have decided to read slowly (much like slow cooking movement) and read for pleasure with no compulsion to finish.

  • Soumya Prasad

    The closest type I would come to would be the picky one. The problem is that I pick books way too often and my unread pile is huger than the read one. I cannot read more than one book at a time and I have tried so many times and failed. The only way I can do that is by reading a fully fetched novel and a short story as a ebook. Earlier, I used to set a target and force myself to finish books soon, but I don’t do that anymore. I take my own time with books and review them only if I feel like conveying the message to others.

  • sulekha

    Ramya, great list! I am like you, distracted reader. I feel guilty for not reading the stacks of books I have in my shelves 🙂 Admire the consistent readers with their plans and timely reviews.

  • Vinitha

    I fall under the first category. 😀 I read only one book at a time but and won’t pick up another without finishing the current read. But it could take months to finish it. Even the boring ones I have completed because of this obsession. I don’t have any goals on reading. 🙄 But yeah, I do read books with my son. This was a fun read, Ramya.

  • Ramya

    Good to know that there are these many types of readers. I cannot juggle easily between books. Iam more like ambitious reader though not 100% as my TBR is not a small list.

  • Obsessivemom

    This is such a cute list. I think I fall into a category quite my own. I am a little bit of a distorted reader and a bit of a trend reader top – if I see a book doing the rounds on social media or one my friends are talking about I get intrigued and want to pick it up. I do start my years with a long reading list but tend to get distracted along the way.

  • Lata Sunil

    I see myself in a few of the categories. I am a juggler in the ring and also enthu-cutlet reader. I am very picky when buying books for self. But I am open to new authors and new experiences too. i also stop reading if the book doesnt pull me in even after about a 100 pages. Does that make me patternless?

  • Rachna

    I am sadly falling into the category of distracted reader these days. My book reading has really reduced much to my chagrin and I don’t feel happy about it. Hopefully, I will make amends but I am not stressing out too much.

  • Shailaja V

    How fascinating! I don’t know which one I would fall under. But given that I have hardly read this year, except for 2 books in the last 3 days ;), I think I would be the ‘one who loves a book so much that she will make time for it’ reader. So I guess it depends on the book/s. And also, yes, social media is a distraction. So the more I stay away from it, the better I read. That’s my learning.

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