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The President is Missing: James Patterson and Bill Clinton

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keep wondering…. Why does James Patterson bring out books only in collaboration? Well, I ain’t really going to get an answer to this, so I might as well just deduce that he finds it easier to bring out a book faster and in quick succession this way. The latest in line to collaborate with James Patterson is Bill Clinton, the former American President. It indeed was interesting to see the new avatar of Clinton- as a writer. “The President is Missing” is a political thriller in every respect. A fictitious US President Jonathan Duncan has to go underground, disappearing for a few days as the country seems to have come under attack by a cyber-crime that is hell bent upon jeopardizing the United States of America in all forms.

Getting to more details about the plot

It may be 500 odd pages; the plot however is spread across just a few days. There’s an element of uncertainty looming around the White House. The cabinet is shaken when rumors begin doing the rounds- of the President being a traitor, a possible cyber-attack and espionages. Not false in entirety, except that the President isn’t the traitor. There is someone else.

An impending attack seems evitable as the President and his close few get alerted. Called the Dark Ages, President Jonathan Duncan seems to be the only man who could unravel what the attack is about, and bring to light who the traitor is. To find the answers the President needs to disappear for a few days, as he puts his life at risk to save his country from this deadly cyber-attack.

The virus could infect every server and device in America. In a matter of hours, it could destroy all records- financial and legal. The country could come to a standstill, with transportation and electric powers crashing. America would be plunged into the Dark Ages.

Time is ticking away for the President. As he rushes through clue after clue, the game just gets murkier, as the person responsible is a dreaded Turkish terrorist, Suliman Cindoruk, head of the Sons of Jihad terrorist organization. How does the President manage it all? Who is the traitor within the White House? From some tough decisions to international relations, the book thrills along with giving a peak into what goes on in the life of an American President.

Thrills and frills

Until recently, I had sworn to myself that I would never pick a James Patterson. His previous books fell flat, and seldom carried the thrill element that it claimed it possessed. However, this book did come as a surprise. There were a few edge-of-the seat moments that kept me going. The plot was decent, though I wouldn’t term it to be unique. But definitely it was realistic and believable. Yet again, similar to other James Patterson books, the narration was tedious. The book was a volume and I felt 500 odd pages were a bit too much for the plot. Couple of sections was descriptive beyond requirement. Sub plots dragged on to be a bore.

Nevertheless with a bit of skipping, the book according to me is a fairly decent read.

So do you pick it up?

Pick up this book only, and only if you are a political thriller genre fan. It may otherwise bore you with details about what goes on within the Oval Office of the White House.

Worth a one-time read. It would serve as a perfect book for those long flights and journeys.

The President Is Missing

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.

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