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Friends and Friendship That Goes a Long way

ZEE TV brings to its audience a unique show called Yaaron Ki Baraat. This fun-filled show would begin airing on 8th October at 8 PM. The first episode would bring together celebrity buddies Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrugan Sinha. Yaaron Ki Baraat would be hosted by Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh who would put celebrity friendships through a series of challenges and tests.

The theme of the show sure did get me thinking about a dear friend of mine. They say the most valuable antiques are old friends. And “Piku” is one such friend. Our two years in IIT Kharagpur, was where the friendship blossomed and grew into one that would last a lifetime.

That First Meeting with Piku

“I am going to write a letter to the President of India to better the roads!!!”

I stood outside Ghokale Hall, the hostel I was to stay in, in IIT Kharagpur (or IIT-KGP as we began to call it), when I heard her mumble loudly. I turned around to get that first glance. Dressed in a crisp blue Chickan Kurta, she appeared agitated after the long journey she had made by road to reach IIT Kharagpur. All that we exchanged at that time were a few pleasant smiles.  Over the next two years, IIT-KGP became our home. With our rooms a floor away, Piku and I ended up spending a lot of time together.  And yes doing every little thing that crazy friends do. Before I even knew it, she had become much more than just a buddy.

We Weren’t Birds of a Feather

We both were different in every way. She loved to cook and I hated it. I would often flock to her room, to gobble up the yummy food she would cook. From Kababs to Paav Bhaji, Piku’s culinary skills were simply remarkable. On the other hand, I seldom cooked. I could never really understand the concept of masalas, curries and gravies.

She would have a strong opinion on almost everything. She was well read, kept herself up to date with the latest happenings and took a keen interest in the politics of the country. On the contrary, I was the confused soul. Never bothered to keep myself abreast with the latest happenings and read erratically.

At twenty something, Piku was way matured for her age. She was calm and composed. I was the restless one, an emotional wreck and childish in many ways. She loved Hollywood movies, and I could never sit through even one. Despite all these differences, the few similarities we had brought us together.

Many a nights we would spend, chatting away sipping cold coffee well into the wee hours. We would go for long walks on the sprawling campus of the institute discussing life, our future and what lay ahead. The days we spent learning swimming in the institute’s pool are cherished memories.

A Confession to Make

Friends sure make you do crazy things. Piku, here is a confession I make today. I hated those Bharatnatyam classes you forced me to be a part of.

Effects of a good friendship

Meaningful friendships leave lasting impressions for a lifetime. And Piku just managed to do this. Years have passed and we both now lead our separate lives, caught in the daily rut of work, family and home. We do catch up on each other’s lives thanks to Social Media.

Yet, on instances when we get an opportunity to meet up or talk over phone, the conversations are fun filled. We are ourselves, laughing and chuckling away, just like the bygone days. That moment, seems like as though, the years just have not passed by.

Celebrate your friendship with #YaaronKiBaraat On ZEE TV this Saturday. Here is more information on the show http://www.ozee.com/shows/yaaron-ki-baraat


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