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YA Thriller: Bad Girls with Perfect Faces by Lynn Weingarten

finally read a YA thriller. I have off- late begun to pick up book recommendations from Instagram accounts I follow, and this has enabled me to experiment different genres and styles of writing. Bad girls with Perfect Faces by Lynn Weingarten, a Young Adult thriller, is one such random pick that took me by storm.

A simple tale indeed

“Be careful when your feelings are too strong, when you love someone too much. A heart too full is like a bomb. One day it will explode.”

Three strong characters were all that was required to write this tale of friendship, love and jealousy. Simple in every way, yet when their lives entangle, the complexities that arise are hard to straighten out. And sometime a single error could trigger a ripple effect and cause devastation.  

Sasha and Xavier have been friends for over a year. They seem to be perfect in each other’s company, enjoying the little joys of life, until Xavier begins to date Ivy. Ivy is the cool and sassy spoilt kid, who has a certain aura around her. Popular in every way, her follower account on Instagram always on the upward curve. She doesn’t care much when she cheats on Xavier. Xavier on the other hand, takes the cheating seriously, to end up with depression. Sasha, helps Xavier come out of it all, falling in love with him in the process. However, Ivy soon decides get back to Xavier. Sasha realizes she needs to protect the gullible Xavier and hatches a plan to keep her away from him, until it all backfires. What ensues is a twist of fate, and Sasha has to carry with her a grave secret, the burden of which becomes too heavy for her.

Teen love triangle and a twist

What starts out as a simple love triangle moves on to become a fast paced thriller of sorts. With a plot that’s loaded with twists and turns, be assured, this is one page turner. There may be potions which may sound over dramatic, yet go with the flow and the eventuality would take you by storm. A bit melodramatic too, with two youngsters professing their love, but then I realized it’s a YA fiction that’s targeted for a younger age bracket.

I have never read a Lynn Weingarten before, but am definitely a fan now.

Bad Girls with Perfect Faces is a must for those looking out for fast paced page turners.

Bad Girls with Perfect Faces

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.

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