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Why I as a Woman Needed to Travel?

About 2000 km away from home, I immersed myself into four days of travel to Dehradun. With nothing more than a little bag pack full of clothes, I set out by myself, which seemingly resembled an elementary school trip. For over a month before the actual travel, my brain constantly wrestled over my decision, if I should undertake the travel. Thoughts shot a nervous pain through me. I was going to be across the country leaving two little kids at home. Despite knowing the fact that they would be under the care of their father, there was this constant nagging- I had never been away from them before! But I needed to travel, and pushing aside thoughts, my fingers finally made its way to the computer keys. I clicked, booked and was done with the tickets.

I had been living in a world of cyclical anxiety. The constant absence of the husband (due to the nature of his work in the Armed Forces), brought the responsibility of the children and home front upon me in entirety. The routine often took a toll on me, and I found myself becoming increasingly exhaustive, navigating through homework, tantrums and other concerns that came by. I would wind up in my room wondering when I could have a quest to escape and have some “me” time. That’s when #BNLF came by. It seemed to be the much needed opportunity, for me to travel, and probably bring down my anxiety levels to normal.

#BNLF 2017 @ Dehradun

BNLF is the acronym for Blog Now Live Forever. It is an event that is conceptualized and conducted by Indiblogger once every two years, and aims to bring Indian Bloggers from across the world onto one common platform. One of its kind, it is the perfect place for bloggers to bond, interact, network and build relationships. An event that is characterized by high energy levels, BNLF brings forth open discussions and learning, along with promoting responsible blogging.

It is often said that experiences are far more precious than things. BNLF 2017 in Dehradun was one such experience for me. Apart from the opportunity to network with bloggers, it gave me an opportunity to explore and question my own competency in the blogosphere. There were new friendships made, strengthening of existing bonds and memories that would stick on forever. The happiness derived was immense, one that gave an immediate knock out effect.

It is no unknown fact that travelling does loads of good for the mental well-being. It promotes happiness, gives an exposure to new experiences, creates wonderful memories and breaks the monotony of a routine. It helps you find your own self-confidence, especially when you have to deal with unexpected situations.

I came back from BNLF 2017, a more relaxed and content person. I had got the needed time and space, had let my thoughts wander, and got a fresh perspective on all that I had. Exploring gave me a fresh appreciation of home and the real life I led.

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  • shilpagarg85

    A nicely written post summing all fun and learning we had :)!!! It was fantastic meeting you Ramya and knowing you travelled 16hrs to make out for the BNLF event was just amazing!!

  • Natasha

    Guess the trip did all of us good in many ways than one. It was good to have met you all and yes, I can’t wait for the next one too.
    Sometimes we need to just get away from life’s humdrum and take a break all by ourselves. I do that once in a while and that sure is a huge perk-me-up.

    Love and hugs

  • Kishor Kr

    “It is often said that experiences are far more precious than things”
    Wonderfully put up. BNLF was an awesome experience with lots of memories to take back home, along with a number of friends.

    • Ramya Abhinand

      Ofcourse we all need a trigger!!!! and glad I found it Parul. Surely would make a trip to Bangalore and meet you someday 🙂

  • pythoroshan

    Lovely to hear that. I wish I could have been there. Just could not get the days. But it was awesome seeing the pics of you all together 🙂

    • Ramya Abhinand

      Roshan… wish you could have made it! I would have lived to meet you. it was a lovely experience geting to finally meet online faces I have interacted with!

  • Shilpa Gupte

    That’s wonderful, Ramya! Yes, travelling alone to places new and meeting new people is a life changing experience. It changes your perspective towards so many things and makes you a lot wiser, and tougher.
    Waiting for the day when I get to do that! 🙂

  • arv!

    Ramya, I think most first timers to #BNLF has same thoughts in their mind. And after attending #BNLF everyone still had same thoughts! Difference was that if and buts got converted into happy feelings. There is nothing better than meeting face to face.You made a great decision to attend #BNLF! 🙂

  • kalaravi16

    Well done on the first time solo travel, and coming out through it in flying colors despite the hurdles you faced. Me otherwise, should focus once in a while on Me Alone!! Cheers to many more such good times Ramya! We really rocked it, didn’t we?

  • Antarik Anwesan

    It is so great that you undertook this solo-trip, out of the comfort zone, and made so many new friends on the way. I am sure you wouldn’t be so apprehensive the next time an opportunity arises 🙂

    • Ramya Abhinand

      Antarik, agree with you its always the first time apprehensions come by. Cant wait for the second one to happen already!!!!

  • Shilpa Garg

    As mothers our everyday to-do lists are endless and keep us busy from morn to night, but we do need occasional breathers and breaks too. Glad that this trip to Dehradun gave you all that you needed with loads of memories and new friendships to cherish!

    • Ramya Abhinand

      Thank you soo much Lata… It is indeed time to spread my wings, probably I already have begun too and love every bit of it!!

  • Shalini

    Can’t agree more, Ramya. Bnlf was the perfect opportunity for me as well to get out from the mundane world, take a much needed break and have some me time. I’m so glad that I met you in person. Cheers!

  • Vinay Leo R.

    It was a very refreshing and enjoyable three days! Got to meet you and so many other friends I’d only met through virtual world 🙂 Hope another meet like this happens next year, and we can meet again and refresh our thoughts while adding memories to our friendship.

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