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Where did that slumber go?


 Warm comfort of the blanket,

Cuddled inside its folds;

I tightly hold on to her,

The one who cradled me.

I slumber on in her arms,

blissful, unaware of repels;

Drifting slowly into,

Dreams of a far away land.

I know not what fear is,

I know not what pain is;

So secure I am with her,

I see not the future ahead.

But future isn’t distant,

It slowly moves towards me;

Embracing me slowly,

Dragging me into him.

I see no longer her,

The one who brought me;

With all her love,

To the future world here.

I am now the hand,

The cradle for another her;

Rocking her to slumber on,

Sending her to faraway lands.

I see her like me,

From the world that was once there;

So soft and tender,

With dreams so kind.

Oh how I wish,

She remained as it be

Oh how I wish,

Her dreams she will always see.

My slumber now so different,

Not with dreams of bliss;

But a world of fret,

A world of sweat.

How I wish I could,

Get those cradled days back;

To slumber on,

Without a thought.

To dream of far away lands,

Not a tear, not a fear;

A cradle with a hand,

With just happiness as peer.

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