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What's With The Saliva, I Say?

I have often wondered what makes people spit in public places. Why is it is so difficult for people to keep those few extra milli-litres of saliva within themselves? It’s a mystery that has baffled me…

This morning as I drove from upscale Chanakyapuri to Gurgaon Sector 29, my eyes witnessed the woeful habit on the streets of Delhi. From the red- stained teeth “pan” eaters to elegantly dressed english speaking individuals, the habit of spitting seems to be commonly prevalent. 

And if you thought this habit is restricted to the lower income group, well, you sure need to think again. A middle aged lady dressed in what seemed to be clothes bought from an upscale store, rolled down her window to get that extra milli-litre of saliva out. In perfect projectile motion the spray of saliva splattered on the pavement. A little later, I spotted a little kiddo roll down the window of the Audi he was in and spit out his half- chewed gum, right on the road.

When that extra bit of saliva seems to be a bother, people go to any extent to relieve themselves of it.But what happens when one is in their very own home?Do they instantly dispose that extra bit in their bed room or living room? 

The answer is a big NO.

So when one is outside home, isn’t it just simple to carry a small packet/ bag/container to get that bit out, instead of spreading infection across?

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