What’s Your Happiness Quotient Today?

So what’s the most beautiful thing you have with you today? What’s your happiness quotient?

I sat at my desk this morning trying to write, when I was constantly distracted by my four year old daughter. The little one was doing some craft work as part of her school curriculum. I saw her hands move swiftly as she sat sticking tiny sequins and beads on a white sheet in front of her. She wanted to do it her way, yet every few minutes she would look up to me for small approvals. I soon realized that all that my daughter sought from me was not my expertise on craft making, but just my time. I just gave in and shut down my laptop. It was all for those innocent smiles, which made my world, feel complete. I was happy that there is someone around me indeed to add to my happiness.

And that brings me to the concept of happiness quotient

We humans are constantly in search of happiness. The internet is loaded with infinite wisdom on how to seek it and, things one could do to bring in happiness in their lives. But the actual fact is, which we very often fail to acknowledge, that we humans are nothing but social animals. We need another person in our life to bring in that happiness quotient. Happiness is a feeling that is to be shared, and it isn’t something you could enjoy in isolation.

Look around you

It could be from something as simple as giving someone a compliment. Or it could be going for long walks with your loved one. Exchange those few words of kindness with your domestic help, and surely you would be doing your bit to make someone happy, in turn receiving your share of it. In our hectic lives today, we often get stuck cribbing about our mundane routines. Caught in this nitty-gritty of life, we stop to notice the happiness quotient that lies strewn all across us.

I found mine today, as I saw that smile curve on my four year olds face.

So what’s your happiness quotient today?



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