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What Does A Perfect Selfie Have?

How do we humans document memories? You said it! We capture it as images and preserve them as a chronicle, to stay long and tell tales of by gone days. In our digital era, we may seem a little over obsessed about capturing pictures, but it sure is fun to click the moments we experience and share them on our social media wall almost immediately. It is these selfies that preserve precious memories today. 

But are we trapping the entire essence of the moment in that selfie? Do we really click that perfect one? Or for that matter is there a perfect selfie? Let me take you back and forth across different times- from a time before selfies, to a day when we just can’t do without it.

Circa 1930

A couple of days back, when I sat rummaging through an old brown box from the attic of my home, I came across a monochromatic photograph. Its edges were curled and the shades of black and grey were almost fading into a pale yellow. The picture was of a little girl not more than 7 years of age, standing by the side of a little boy who was seated on a wooden table. I soon realized it was an old picture of my octogenarian grandmother.

Grandmom’s faded memory- The only picture from her childhood

“Is this you paati?” I asked her. Straining her eyes, she gave the picture one look, and with a sudden flow of energy began narrating, “Indeed it is me. I still remember the day it was clicked. It was Mazhgazhi maasam (the Tamil month which falls mid Dec to mid Jan). There was a cool breeze at most times of the day. There was a swing my Appa had made behind the house, tied to the Jackfruit tree. I loved spending time there. That day Appa had called the photographer so that the entire family could be clicked. It was like a mini festival for the family. I remember all the ladies getting dressed up in their best saris, powdered faces, and braided hair with fresh jasmine flowers”. She paused for a while. I thought to myself, despite granny’s fading memory; she seemed to remember minute details about the photograph. She had no perfect selfie, yet her mind was able to capture a 120° wide angle shot of that day.

Circa 1980

My father loved his 35 mm camera. He documented our childhood first in tiny black and white prints then slowly moved over to coloured ones. Father believed in enjoying the entire process of clicking pictures and moved over from the standard serious photography to more fun ones. He clicked us playing around the home, of holidays and of festivals. He would patiently wait, sometimes for months, to finally process them and print them into albums. Yet, father was seldom in any picture. He had beautifully captured moments of us, yet not a single frame had him along with us- except for this rare pic.

Father’s love for the camera- and a rare picture of himself in one

It is 2018- and it is time for that perfect selfie

On a recent trip to Singapore with the family, we clicked the near perfect selfie in the underwater Sea Aquarium at Sentosa. We stood spellbound as we entered the breathtaking realm that featured over a lakh marine forms. As much as our eyes and hearts could capture, it was the hand held gadget that helped us take that precious moment back home. Inside a dome, with marine life all around us, the moment was nothing short of being magical. They say the best things you can give your children are warm memories to carry with them for their life. And this image reflects the excitement on my little ones face, being so close to a world that’s a wonder in the truest sense.

Selfie with the marine life- The dome in the Sea Aquarium of Singapore requires a wide angle to capture it all!

Today, all that you require is a gadget that comes with a meaningful selfie experience to help you preserve precious moments. And Mobiistar mobiles promise you this selfie experience, letting you “Enjoy More” with extra possibilities on your mobile. You don’t need to have a wide angle memory like my grandmother anymore as Mobiistar comes with a dual selfie camera with a 120° wide-angle shot. Nor would you have to compromise not being in the same frame like my father, as with Mobiistar you could get more of everybody and your picturesque background too, all in one single frame.

So the perfect selfie does exist. It comes with the right emotion of one and all, the surroundings and the complete moment- in one beautiful picture. 

*Featured Image: pixabay


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