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“We've been married for 55 years and we haven't fought for a single day!”

“We’ve been married for 55 years and we haven’t fought for a single day!”

I picked up this quote today from a file interview of President Shri Pranab Mukherjee’s late wife, Suvra Mukherjee*. It made me wonder… what really makes couples compatible with each other? What takes a man and woman to live together for 55 years or more, without having any regrets about it?

File Photo of The President with His Late Wife

As I sat pondering, I penned down the following factors.

  • Trust in one another:

I rate this number one. Trust is the foundation and the basis for a steady relationship of any kind. Trusting your partner means he is your dependable buddy whom you could always count on. When you trust your partner it means you know it from the bottom of your heart that he/ she would not brush you off, or betray you.

  • Tolerance:

We all are born with numerous amounts of flaws and weaknesses. It is probably God’s way of saying nothing is perfect in this universe and a certain degree of imperfection lies in every soul. So, when we begin to accept and tolerate a partner’s normal foibles and faults, we pave the road for a rock hard relationship. Besides, tolerance aides in resolving differences, quicker.

  • Hate Curve? Naah just let it be:

Disagreements and teeny weeny arguments stem in almost all relationships. But do not give space for anger, ego and hate. It is ok to express disagreement over something your spouse did, but expressing it in the form of contempt… hmmmm not really advisable.

  • Commitment:

Stay committed to the person you love. Its reciprocal… what goes comes back in full circle too… So if you expect commitment, give it in return. Live with the idea that your relationship is going to be long lived.

  • Maintain Openness:

Openness and authenticity cement many great relationships. In an emotionally open relationship, you share your vulnerabilities and feelings of love and admiration for your mate. When you and your partner feel natural with each other, your thoughts and movements will flow with compatibility feelings.

  • The humor and fun:

We all age. It is the universal truth that we all have to accept. Yet it doesn’t take much to have fun together and maintain one’s sense of humor. It is ok to be silly and wacky. It sure relaxes one’s nerves. It would make your relationship feel younger, however old you grow, and however deep you are in responsibilities.

* President Pranab Mukherjee’s wife Suvra Mukherjee passed away on Tuesday morning at 10.51am. I hope God gives the strength to help the President cope with his loss.

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