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Under His Umbrella, Life Goes On #AtoZChallenge

uUnder his umbrella we all live. Seasons and our lives are so similar.

It’s blazing hot in Delhi. The temperatures are soaring and the sun shines down on us fiercely. As I walked down the street, the hot afternoon wind blows across my face. I am parched and I crave for those few precious drops of water. I am drained and tired. How I miss the seasons gone by- of spring and winter.

Aren’t our lives so similar to the seasons? Sometimes I wonder if the seasons are out there to tell us something.

Life has phases just like seasons. Spring reflects the days in life when we can afford to be carefree, relaxed and not bogged down with issues. Those precious childhood days when it seemed the whole world was ours.


Summer is similar to days when we have that long list of responsibilities on our shoulders. We may be tired, yet we trudge along, because we need to keep going. The days seem long until we finally hit the bed in the night.

Autumn is like the years when we start to slowly shed some of our responsibilities, beginning to look inward- philosophic and calm. Probably expecting those chill days ahead.

And of course the cold winters. The icy chill near the end of our life. All gloomy and alone.

Life sure has its set of seasons.

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