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Do We Recognise Transgender- An Inspirational Video

The Supreme Court of India handed down a landmark ruling in 2014, to recognize and integrate the third gender as part of mainstream society. Of course, this decision is a big step towards giving Transgender a right to self-identity, who are otherwise stigmatized by society. Yet, we still have a long way to go in restoring their dignity and providing them with the most basic fundamental right- of education and employment.

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed this morning this brilliantly made video popped up on my feed. This groundbreaking video made by the brand Vicks is inspired by the real life story of Gauri Sawant, a transgender, who takes on the responsibility of raising a young child Gayatri.

The video brings about awareness on two important social aspects- adoption and the need to bring in dignity for the transgender. Truly an inspiration!!!

Watch the video here

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