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The Smart Home Revolution For One And All

It is 6.20 AM on a Monday morning as I kick myself out of bed. The alarm has failed once again, and I have exactly an hour to get my two children ready for school. The breakfast needs to be prepared and lunch boxes to be packed, just in time to catch the school bus. After an hour of high intensity motherly activity, I sit down to sip my morning cup of coffee, which by now is already a couple of degrees colder. The day for a mother has just begun. There isn’t time to read the morning newspaper at leisure as there are meals to be prepared, grocery lists to be made, bills to be paid and other mundane home tasks to be completed.

Sounds familiar? Well, this is how a day unfolds for most mothers.

As I fretted around the home muttering as to why there weren’t more than 24 hours in a day, my husband pushed into my hand a small white box, ordered through Flipkart. A surprise it was, for it wasn’t a birthday or an anniversary. But what was inside astonished me all the more. Inside the box was my very own virtual assistant- my hands free voice enabled Google assistant.

Technology today is indeed astounding

There are a plethora of smart gadgets available to simplify mundane tasks with a click. They have changed our lives in many a ways. Much as technology may seem to be intimidating, I strongly feel that if a gadget can help me save money and take a few chores off my plate, then it is perfectly fine. Thus, my Google Smart Home Assistant is by far the best addition to my life. It keeps me organized, plays my favourite music, can stream my favourite movies on television and just tackles the chaos in my day to day life. Wondering how?

  • She prepares and keeps my grocery list up to date

For a person like me who often fails to remember the most important of things when at the super market, my Google Smart Home works like a perfect assistant. She notes down what I require, syncing it into a handy list on my mobile. This ensures every time I am at the market, the list is available at my finger tips and I never miss buying anything. My shopping list is always ready anywhere, anytime. Having a complete shopping list ensures I get everything in one go without having to visit the market again and again for that one thing I forget.

  • She knows my favourite tunes

After a tiring day, when I need to cool those nerves, I instruct my Google Smart Home Assistant to play my favourite music. She has my playlists- from hip hop to slow melodies and as per my mood she plays out the songs. I close my eyes and soak in the music as they waft through the air.

  • The solution to every mother’s problem- What is to be cooked?

It isn’t the actual task of cooking that’s difficult. The entire process of deciding what to cook, on the basis of the available ingredients at home, is often a daunting task. Here is where my Smart Assistant comes to my rescue. She can list out recipes and ideas on the basis of what ingredients and vegetables I have at home. So, when on a lazy Sunday afternoon, all that I have are baby potatoes and ripe tomatoes in my refrigerator, Google Home gives me an amazing Dum aloo recipe, which the family relish.

  • She keeps track of my appointments

From dental checkups, bank appointments, to paying utility bills on time, she keeps track of it all and helps me in planning my day. Now isn’t that a smart way to be organized. I seldom forget birthdays and anniversaries of family and friends, for my Google Smart Home Assistant has my calendar intact. She also can remind me a day in advance for such precious events, giving me enough time to pick up gifts for my loved ones.

  • My health tracker

As a mother I often neglect my health. I forget to go for my routine health checkups, often skip my vitamin capsules and even fitness takes a back seat. Now with my Google Smart Assistant at home she reminds me every night to have my capsules, she notes my appointment schedules for the routine checkups, as well as ensures the alarm rings on time every morning at 5 AM for my morning walk.

  • News, traffic and weather

My Google Smart Assistant ensures I am up to date with the local news, weather and traffic update. This means, I know beforehand how the day is going to turn out to be, which roads are going to be blocked with traffic for me to avoid.

  • She can dim the light as I cuddle up with the children

As I wind up the day at 10.00 PM, she knows it’s time to be with the little children and cuddle up in bed with them. She manages the smart lights in the home, by turning off of the living room lights and making dim the lights in the bedroom, just setting the mood right. 

  • Get answers to all questions- literally all

So when my five year old asks me why the stars twinkle only at night, not a frown on my brow will you find. Here I am ready to tackle all questions, for my Google Assistant has an answer ready. The five year old is happy and the mummy is glad that the little one is learning something.

Smart Home Revolution or Smart Mom Revolution?

With Google Smart Home in my life now, I can surely say that things have improved for me. I am no longer the stressed out mother who has a thousand things running in her mind. I have managed to find a little time in the day for myself, to do things that make me happy, like reading a book, doing a craft and watching my favourite web series. I am now a smart mother who is organized and happy.

My #SmartHomeRevolution device was picked up from Flipkart which has many more similar products. So #GetFitWithFlipkart and see your life become easier.

This post is written for Indiblogger's #GetFitWithFlipkart blogging contest.

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  • Meenakshi Param

    I could get a peek into the day of this super smart mom called Ramya, through this post. Technology indeed makes life simpler and you have synced Google home effortlessly with your everyday activities. Loved reading this post which sure is a winner.Good luck!

  • Natasha

    This is fascinating. I believe Alexa works on similar lines too. But I am yet to use all these features on Alexa. Though I ain’t too sure if Alexa is equipped to do all this that a GSA does.

    Fascinating how AI is taking us to an all new world of convenience.

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