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It’s a joy for almost any parent to see a happy and healthy child. As a mother of two little ones, I try hard to ensure I shield my babies from illnesses and discomforts of sorts. I cook up a variety of nutritious meals and make them play enough. I practically leave no stone unturned to keep them healthy and fit. Yet, with the growing levels of pollutants and viruses all around us in a big metro such as Delhi, my little ones do fall ill. Thankfully for me, Delhi has some good pediatricians around. From government run general hospitals to multi and super-specialty hospitals, the city could sure boast of its state of the art pediatric care. Multiple pediatric specialists are available in almost all localities within the city, with emergency care accessible quite easily.

Pediatric care in today’s form has evolved into a specialized branch of medicine. It cares little ones, from birth through the adolescent years till 18, for illnesses and injuries. The broad areas of pediatrics in Dehi are:

  • Neo natal care and new born intensive care: This is the medical care and comfort that a new born requires. Neo natal specialists assist both the mother and the new born post delivery, from feeding to bonding. Life support and care are also provided for premature and tiny babies.
  • Immunization: A list of scheduled vaccinations that have to be administered to your little one, starting at birth till the age of ten.
  • General consultations: Available for addressing concerns and treating commonly occurring infections among children
  • Specialized care for specific conditions such as Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Cardiology etc…

Almost all hospitals provide the above mentioned care. There also are many independent child specialists in Delhi at clinics or diagnostic centre around the city. The best part is, most of them don’t really seek an appointment. The doctor sees the patient on a first come first served basis. Apart from these, pediatrics is available for other sub specialties. From interventional radiology, transfusion medicine, nuclear medicine and immunology Delhi’s pediatric care has it all. Paramedical support and guidance on nutrition, dietetics, physiotherapy and counselors and psychologists for mental health, consultants are a plenty in the city.

My little ones always used to look at a doctor with a general sense of animosity. The only thing they would associate a doctor with was an injection. However I must say, not any more. I have a friendly neighborhood pediatrician in Delhi who comforts them every time I pay him a visit. His funny anecdotes make them smile.  As  mother, I feel a sense of calmness.

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