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    Five Lessons I Learnt From the Year Gone By

    A year- with its 365 days- is a great expanse of time. As it draws to an end, it is time to look back and reflect upon it. At this last dawn, as I head into 2018, I dream, plan and pin hopes for a better year ahead. The last few months have been dreary. Moments of stress and loneliness have been aplenty. Yet there were lessons learnt. Lesson 1 : Change is a constant companion The only thing constant in life is change. And these changes are of all kinds. Some positive ones that we welcome with open arms, some that catch us off-guard, and there are those that impact us…

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    Why I as a Woman Needed to Travel?

    About 2000 km away from home, I immersed myself into four days of travel to Dehradun. With nothing more than a little bag pack full of clothes, I set out by myself, which seemingly resembled an elementary school trip. For over a month before the actual travel, my brain constantly wrestled over my decision, if I should undertake the travel. Thoughts shot a nervous pain through me. I was going to be across the country leaving two little kids at home. Despite knowing the fact that they would be under the care of their father, there was this constant nagging- I had never been away from them before! But I…

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    The Best Beach Holiday-Travel Goa

    “Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.”- Dalai Lama I consider travel to be a way of life. You are awake; you eat, go out, see new things, meet new people and explore the culture. Travel is not about just reaching your destination, it is an experience. What’s a better holiday destination than our very own Goa! As Delhi sizzled at 45 degrees centigrade, it was time to plan a trip to one of the most beautiful states in India. Goa, with its pristine beaches, heritage, culture and some fantastic food, is the perfect getaway, especially if you are seeking a short, sweet, and affordable holiday. With two kids…

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    Exploring the Hills-A Holiday to Cherish

    Coorg – popularly known as Scotland of India. Tucked deep within the Western Ghats, this tiny little district of Karnataka is lush green, with beautiful coffee and spice plantations. It took me about 3 hours by road from Mangalore to Chitala (a quaint little town near Madikeri), where I spent three memorable days. The Kodavas are a hospitable lot-warm and friendly. The have their age old customs and traditions which they follow till date. Their cuisine has a unique taste and texture to it, which must be experienced if you are in this part of the country. Having grown up in Bangalore I was fortunate to have had Kodava friends. I…

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    The Road is My Therapist!

    I found the road by mistake. I decided to go out for a brief drive on Sunday morning and suddenly found myself itching for some more alone time, driving on NH-66. I had intended to explore a spice garden I had heard good things about. Terrain less explored I sure am lucky to be living in a small town on the Konkan coast of India. A terrain less explored, the district of Uttar Karnataka is lush green, with hills and valleys on one side and the lashing waves of the Arabian Sea on the other. I live inside a beautiful Cantonment, with neatly laid out roads and scenic beauty, which opens…

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    Travel to Israel to Experience Happiness, Faith and Life

    If there is one unique thing that stands out in Israel, it is the diversity the country holds within it. Exuberant in every way, the beautiful people and place seem as though they are all out of a grand epic. Vibrant cultures, traditions, art and culinary that fills your heart with joy. The desert and the sea, together, make it a surreal world for the tourist exploring it. At the intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa, lies Israel, a congruence of cultures, empires and religions since time immemorial. It bears the cradle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. One can immerse oneself in the holy land and in its rich religious…