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    Is your Child’s Picture on Facebook? Exercise Caution

    More than a year back, child rights activists in Chennai came across and demanded to shut down two Facebook pages that were in Tamil. The pages were created to attract pedophiles with photographs of young girls with comments full of sexual connotation. Social media giant Facebook has a policy that does not allow nude pictures, but these pages used pictures of children in full clothes. There was nothing sleazy or objectionable about the images – the photos were the kind you and I would post of our children. So technically it doesn’t fall under the obscenity category and hence the website’s algorithm was probably unable to decipher. Also, Facebook was…

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    Jaago Re- It is Time to Pre-act not React with Tata Tea

    As I sat casually switching channels, sipping warm tea on a lazy Saturday afternoon,  the television flashed one of the most compelling and hard-hitting advertisements of recent times. Tata Tea is back again with its trademark “Jaago Re” campaign. And this time around the brand has brought into forefront what is essentially known as pre-activism, urging consumers to pre-act and not react to prevent social crises. Pre-Activism- Isn’t it the need of the day? If this term had to be laid out in a simple form, it is nothing but a sort of awakening, to learn and finally find an answer to underlying problems……well before one strike. The advertisement carries…

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    4 Main Reasons Why Indians Prefer a Son

    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Light.” and To Prime Minister Modi’s “Beti Padao Beti Bachao” scheme. As a mother of two girls, all through the years, I have had people telling me, about the importance of having a son. So last week I decided to chat up with people I know- both young and old- to understand what the actual thought is. And I must say I was appalled at what came out of it. When I was expecting my elder one, the “renowned” elderly women of my colony would often judge the shape of my pregnancy bump “Mubarak ho, lag raha he pehla bachcha ladka…