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    Book Review: Immortal India by Amish

    The Shiva Trilogy followed by the Ramchandra series, has surely catapulted Amish to the list of popular Indian writers. He has come a long way, from his days as a debut writer with Immortals of Meluha. Today, Amish could be found on the invite list of almost all literary events. He is a public speaker and his opinions are sought in many forums across the country. Immortal India is his first non-fiction book. It is essentially a collection of his earlier published works in newspapers, speeches at various public events and debates that he has been part of. The book touches upon a range of topics, from LGBT, to freedom…

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    Three Thousand Stitches By Sudha Murty

    The weekend that passed by was quite a boring one, as I spent my time alone at home. The kids had a weekend getaway at a friend’s place, and the spouse was out at work. Having nothing much to do, and not in a frame of mind for a heavy read, I picked up Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murty. I had seen the book listed in the non-fiction category in the HT Nelson top 10 list. And, having read Sudha’s earlier books, it seemed to be the perfect read for the lazy weekend. Sudha Murty’s stories have always been inspiring, and most of them have a nice take away, something…

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    Book Review: Veerappan-Chasing the Brigand by K Vijay Kumar

    He was the man who terrorized the two southern states for over a decade. Koose Muniasamy Veerapppan, or just Veerappan, holed up in the deep vastness of the Dhimbam forest that lay over Karnataka and Tamilnadu, was once the most dreaded bandit and smuggler. The book Veerappan: Chasing the Brigand by K Vijay Kumar is an account of who exactly this man was, his deeds from sandalwood smuggling to illegal poaching, the mammoth manhunt that saw the loss of several lives, the Special Task Force, and finally Operation Cocoon, in which the bandit finally is killed. Retired IPS officer K Vijay Kumar was the man who took over the STF…

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    The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk-Sudha Murty

    Reading real life stories are often so much more enjoyable than fiction. Sudha Murty’s “The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk” is one such book. The pages bring out Sudha Murty’s experiences as she lays down her learning on humanity and life. It may seem to be no great literary work; yet, this book will surely win your heart over. There is absolutely no use of complex words; with the most simplistic form of narration. The book is a collection of 23 short stories and each one of them would leave you taking a peek into your inner self. The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk captivated me from its first page…