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    Why I as a Woman Needed to Travel?

    About 2000 km away from home, I immersed myself into four days of travel to Dehradun. With nothing more than a little bag pack full of clothes, I set out by myself, which seemingly resembled an elementary school trip. For over a month before the actual travel, my brain constantly wrestled over my decision, if I should undertake the travel. Thoughts shot a nervous pain through me. I was going to be across the country leaving two little kids at home. Despite knowing the fact that they would be under the care of their father, there was this constant nagging- I had never been away from them before! But I…

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    Crash the Crash diet- Get Healthy with a Honey Diet

    As the mother of two young girls, I am constantly fretting about their nutrition. It sure indeed is a tough task, getting them to eat right, and ensuring they get a well balanced diet. However in today’s age, with school, play time and other activities keeping our kids busy, I often feel I am failing in my endeavor. And to top it all, my kids are fussy eaters. To save my day I came across the “Honey Diet”. Honey as a food item is seldom disliked by children. My girls love it and could lap up a complete spoon full. I have used this to my advantage. Pure honey such…