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    Sita in a New Avatar #AtoZChallenge

    “What matters is not a weapon but the woman who wields that weapon.”  -Amish Tripathi, Sita: Warrior of Mithila What do we know of Sita? She is the one who decides to be with Ram under all circumstances, as that’s what is considered her sacred duty. She is the epitome of harmony, even in the face of extreme hardships. Sita, as we know her, is always known as the wife of Ram, rather than having much of an individual identity. Amish’s Sita is an all together different women. Not typically your shy and coy bride, but she is a brave warrior. Educated, intelligent and trained in warfare, she possesses great mental…

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    Fisher Queen- The Strong Headed Woman of the Kuru Dynasty #AtoZChallenge

      “Life is only given to us once, and I wanted to live it boldly, with full consciousness and beauty and honesty- at least to myself.” –Kavita Kane Fisher Queen’s Dynasty She was the queen of Hastinapur. Yet, when it comes to the great Mahabharata, her story is seldom spoken about, despite her responsibility in the continuation of the Kuru dynasty, and the consequences that would later lead to the Kurukshetra war. Fisher Queens’s Dynasty by Kavita Kane is the story of Satyavati, the second wife of the Hastinapur king, Shantanu. The book is about the courage, confidence and lesser known facts about Satyavati- the royal mother, the queen and the person…