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    The Last Colour: Fiction by Vikas Khanna

    Most often the simplest of dishes give out the best of flavors. Chef Vikas Khanna’s first fiction is sort of similar to this. The Last Colour, published by Bloomsbury, may well be a simple tale, of a relationship between a young tight rope walker and a middle aged widow. Yet the book brings out in abundance emotions- the longing of the heart and the impact of social bias. Vikas Khanna is the man who adorns several caps-a celebrity chef, judge at Master Chef India, and author to several best-selling food related books. It thus did pique my interest and “The Last Colour” found its way into my hands. Varanasi- The…

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    Book Review: Immortal India by Amish

    The Shiva Trilogy followed by the Ramchandra series, has surely catapulted Amish to the list of popular Indian writers. He has come a long way, from his days as a debut writer with Immortals of Meluha. Today, Amish could be found on the invite list of almost all literary events. He is a public speaker and his opinions are sought in many forums across the country. Immortal India is his first non-fiction book. It is essentially a collection of his earlier published works in newspapers, speeches at various public events and debates that he has been part of. The book touches upon a range of topics, from LGBT, to freedom…

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    Remnants of a Separation by Aanchal Malhotra

    Isn’t a book jacket a crucial element, when choosing a book? “Remnants of a Separation” by Aanchal Malhotra boasts of one such book cover- a beautiful integration of title and image. And beyond doubt, it persuaded me to get started on a reading experience. I wasn’t left disappointed. It is a book that speaks volumes on partition, its effects with the passage of time, family ties and loss. Partition as we know it Post- independence from the British Raj, the country was divided into two separate entities- India and Pakistan. A major population exchange happened with over 25 million people relocating to new homes and a new country. The magnitude…

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    Book Review: A State of Freedom by Neel Mukherjee

    Desire and need, may well seem to be the two sides of the same coin. A State of Freedom by Neel Mukherjee, explores these complexities through five different characters, in five different circumstances. Reflections of contemporary India, these lives have an unquenchable thirst for a better life, as they push themselves beyond mere existence. Neel Mukherjee’s earlier published books include Past Continuous in India, which won the Crossword Prize. His second book, The Lives of Others (2014) was a shortlist for the Man Booker Prize and won the Encore Prize. A State of Freedom is Neel Mukherjee’s third novel. Sectioned into five parts, with a prologue and an epilogue; the book is essentially…

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    Book Review: The Ministry of Utmost Happiness- Arundhati Roy

    I wasn’t all that sure if I should actually pick Arundhati Roy’s latest- The Ministry of Utmost Happiness. The reasons were plenty. Firstly, despite all the acclaim and the Booker Prize, I hadn’t entirely enjoyed reading her first book – The God of Small Things. Secondly, her so called liberal opinions expressed on many occasions, on all things Indian, just didn’t go down well with me. And lastly, in just over a week since The Ministry of Utmost Happiness has been out, there has been a complete mix of reviews bombarding social media. Some really juicy reviews that screamed out that the book was simply not to be missed, whereas there…

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    Harassment to Women- Dowry Deaths

    The news about the tragic death of Manjula Davek was doing the rounds on social media. All of 28 years, the young PhD student had been found hanging in her hostel room in IIT Delhi. It quite was disturbing to read about it. Here was a girl on the verge of completing her research from the country’s premier institute, having published papers in international journals. A girl of high intellect had been pushed to the extreme step of taking her own life. The police are clueless on the reason, as there wasn’t a suicide note left behind. However, her family and friends cite dowry harassment and domestic abuse as the…