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    Harassment to Women- Dowry Deaths

    The news about the tragic death of Manjula Davek was doing the rounds on social media. All of 28 years, the young PhD student had been found hanging in her hostel room in IIT Delhi. It quite was disturbing to read about it. Here was a girl on the verge of completing her research from the country’s premier institute, having published papers in international journals. A girl of high intellect had been pushed to the extreme step of taking her own life. The police are clueless on the reason, as there wasn’t a suicide note left behind. However, her family and friends cite dowry harassment and domestic abuse as the…

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    Whats Your Dream For Your Child?

    “The mind of a child is fragile. Their emotions touch their future. Your words shape their destiny.”-Anonymous As I picked up my morning newspaper, a bunch of leaflets slipped out of its pages. Oh boy! The newspaper as it is bombards me with advertisements, and the leaflets just seem to add to the agony. As I got picking the leaflets that were strewn across the room, a little pink one caught my eye. It was an advertisement placed by a coaching institute located in a thriving medieval era colony- Kālu Sarai, in Delhi. “A Guaranteed Programme”, it said. “Give me a student of class VIII or IX and take back…

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    Looking Beyond that Train Travel!

    The train slowly creaked into the station. I rubbed the sleep off my eyes and peeped outside the grilled window. Where was I? The sun wasn’t out and the darkness of the night still enveloped the lonely station. My eyes searched for the yellow boards of the Indian Railways that displayed the name of stations- sometimes unknown. A little boy not more than ten came near my window, holding the trademark aluminum kettle. ”Chai chahiye, madam (do you want tea)?” I nodded and asked, “Which station is this?” He said, “Kharagpur, and the train isn’t going to move from here for another hour. The tracks have a problem.” I sulked.…