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    Harassment to Women- Dowry Deaths

    The news about the tragic death of Manjula Davek was doing the rounds on social media. All of 28 years, the young PhD student had been found hanging in her hostel room in IIT Delhi. It quite was disturbing to read about it. Here was a girl on the verge of completing her research from the country’s premier institute, having published papers in international journals. A girl of high intellect had been pushed to the extreme step of taking her own life. The police are clueless on the reason, as there wasn’t a suicide note left behind. However, her family and friends cite dowry harassment and domestic abuse as the…

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    Hope is All that I Have #AtoZChallenge

    “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”- Desmond Tutu. Before I started out on the #AtoZChallenge, at the time I was choosing an appropriate theme, I decided I will write positive things about India. A country that is so incredible must be spoken about and, a few of its unknown facets must be shared with the world. We are one of those countries rich in culture, heritage, regions and people and I feel good to blog about it. But for the past two days, I have been immensely disturbed by a little newspaper report. This news snippet left me with a sullen…

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    "Not" in the Name of Dowry

    As I walked into the venue, the extravagance and shimmer all around left me spellbound. Beautifully dressed girls in the finest of “Kancheevaram” silks sprinkled fragrant rose water, welcoming every guest. The entrance to the main hall was strewn with the finest of red roses, with brightly lit chandeliers all across. I could spot Shruti from almost 15 feet away. The gleam from the diamonds that adorned her neck had caught my eye.  Her hands bore the weight of a dozen odd gold bangles, and her heavily embroided sari draped around her delicately. Ravi in his perfectly tailored blue “Sherwani” stood beside. I had to admit, the couple complemented each…