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    The year that was 2014

    With the close of the year 2014, I sit with a mixed bag of feelings. 2014 is a year that will remain in my mind for years to come. A year I feel changes -positive ones. Yes and I feel it from within. A growth of positive thoughts, a growth of better understanding, and a growth of a sense of calmness. I have always been a person filled with anxieties, fears and insecurities. You could blame it on multiple factors. The environment I grew up in, upbringing and influences of school. It did get better after I got married though. “A ” has been an awesome husband and extremely supportive…

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    The Genetics of Cancer- Is There a Test?

    When Dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, a thought that came to my mind was if cancer was genetic. Is it possible that it lies in my family? I tried tracing back to up to 3-4 generations on how they passed away, yet could come to no definitive conclusion. The Onco at Manipal hospital clarified to me that it is possible to inherit certain kind of cancer such as breast , ovarian cervical and probably colorectal cancer. But – cancer as such is not a heridity disease. A stronger player is lifestyle and the environment we live in which is to be blamed. Nevertheless I did read up on the subject.…

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    CEA- The KIller Count

    CEA is the tumor marker used in certain types of cancers especially for colo rectal cancer. An abbreviation for ” Carcino Embryonic Anigen, it is nothing but a reflection of a “certain antigen produced by these cancers”. So typically if you have a raised CEA, it is generally synonymous with a cancer thriving inside you. Getting CEA measured A very simple procedure, CEA is measured by doing a blood test. Of course it could also be done by testing body fluids or  biopsy tissue. But the most common method prescribed is a blood test. you wouldn’t need to really prepare your body for doing the test. Normal Range of CEA For…