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    Book Review: Amma-Jayalalithaa’s Journey by Vaasanthi

    Ever wondered why some people’s life fascinate us? Why are they so enigmatic? Dr. J Jayalalithaa was an enigma! She made her rule, in two professions that had always been dominated by men. The reigning movie star way back in the 60s and 70s, and then the queen of Tamil politics in the decades that followed. Her life had seen it all- fame, adulations, humiliation, defeat and victory. She was always under public scrutiny. Yet, she was a mystery in many a ways, and probably would remain so. Vaasanthi’s book on Amma and her journey from a movie star to a political queen was the trending book on Juggernaut, around…

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    Acceptance is not Agreeing!

    Surely we humans are different from our pets in many a ways. And if you have ever had one in your life, you would exactly understand what unconditional love is. These simple beings, accept us the way we are, with all our shortcomings. On the other hand, we humans often become judgmental of others, and seldom accept another’s differences in habits and traits. Growing up with Amma Growing up in a highly orthodox Tambrahm home, I have been a witness to my Amma’s difficulty in handling my overly religious grandmother. Grandma would be very particular about her rituals and practices, apart from the way the home had to be run.…