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Surf it All! Surf it Fast- With the UC Browser

Cricket is a sport that practically everyone loves in this country of ours. The sport has crept into our lives and made its presence so strong that almost all of us Indians live, eat and breathe the sport, irrespective of whether we are actually playing the game. It is our religion, and has somehow got itself embedded deep into our lives.

A few years ago, during the years I was a child, the only way to be connected to the game was to catch it live on television, or to stay tuned to the radio to listen to the score. In case one happens to miss it, then the only way out was to catch the highlights of the match later in the day. But definitely the fun and excitement would be missing in these highlights. There is no comparison to the excitement one experiences watching it real time, in getting the score live, as it happens. Hence, whenever there would be a cricket match, especially the world cup, all of us at home would stay glued to the television. No family outings, movie outings, shopping or picnics on such days. The entire family never left the living room.

Things have far changed in today’s times. We are a technology savvy generation now. Technology has crept into our life in every possible way. It has made life simpler, brought the whole world at our finger tips and loads of other advantages for us. For cricket lovers such as me, here is the latest offering technology has to provide. UC Web, a leading provider of mobile internet software technology and services, has brought out the “UC Browser”, a fun mobile browser. The UC Browser is a perfect way to catch up on cricket videos, get the latest scores and other cricket related updates. Simple to download, the UC Browser is easy and smooth to use allowing one to enjoy the game, from wherever one is. Be it office, college, the market place or restaurant. So you carry your excitement with you wherever you go.

When you open the UC Browser Home Screen, you find the UC CRICKET icon in blue. This is your icon to start surfing the world of cricket. The quality of video streamed is smooth and fast, without many interruptions in between, retaining the excitement of the game. Not only does it have these features, the UC Browser also provides you with match reminders, score cards, and quick info. It also comes with optimized comments section. The easy navigation gives everything a cricket lover would desire. The interface is fun and appealing.

So now I don’t have to worry about skipping doctor’s appointments, miss a date, take leave from office or postpone dinner parties. My UC browser on my phone stays with me all through, giving me the much required cricket update, whenever I require it, uninterrupted.

That’s why I say, with the UC Browser on my phone I could “Surf it all! Surf it fast!”

link to http://www.ucweb.com/

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