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Author Guest Post : Sunanda Chatterjee on her Book, Sins of The Father

have often wondered why authors choose a particular genre to write about. How do they weave a story, sometimes so beautiful, and capture the genre’s true essence. I recently had the opportunity of posing this question to author Sunanda Chatterjee.

She writes sagas and dramas-of romance and families. Her tales are woven with passion and speaks of women. Her heartwarming tales are popular, making her books consistently top the Top 100 bestsellers on Amazon USA and Amazon India in Asian Literature, Indian Writing, and Asian Drama categories. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies, and 

Sunanda published recently, Book 1 of the Wellington Estates Series, Sins of the Father – a stand-alone romantic saga.

Question posed – Why did you choose this specific genre to write about?

Sunanda’s views:

All my stories feature a strong female lead, be it women’s fiction or romance subgenres. Despite what women go through in real life, we have much strength that are often masked by society and family situations, and which shine through only when the situation is dire. My stories touch upon social issues but have underpinnings of love in all its forms.

Every family has secrets, relatives who make bad choices, and friends involved in scandals. I enjoy the dynamics that threaten to ruin the unstable equilibrium because these issues make for a great backdrop for family dramas.

In my current series, all the stories are based on characters with connections to an exclusive community in the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California. They are privileged and wealthy, and of course, they fall in love with people who are deemed unacceptable in their social circles, for money, race or profession. Each family has secrets, vices, scandals, and pasts that prevent the members from leading fulfilling lives.

These stories are not straight-out romance, although the romantic element is strong in each novel and it drives the story. But other characters also get the spotlight and parts of the stories are told from the parents’ or friends’ point of view, a feature not usual in contemporary romance.

I like to call this genre as romantic saga, bridging romance and women’s fiction.

*Sunanda’s book Sins of the Father is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format

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