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The Subtle Art of Choosing a Saree Blouse- Most Trending Blouse Neck Designs

It is no denying that the Indian saree is the most elegant piece of apparel. A well draped saree can actually accentuate a woman’s beauty and give her that perfect look, irrespective of what the occasion is. And the life line of every saree wardrobe is surely the blouse. Gone are the days of the simple plain Jane blouses, with either a round or V neckline. Today, the design of the blouse, the fit and its necklines are very important to give a saree the perfect look. A smart, well-tailored, aesthetic blouse can do wonders to women’s comfort and confidence.

The women of today are choosing different blouses not just for style but for also reasons such as comfort, individual preferences and giving them a sense of confidence. Thus, it is crucial to choose a blouse with a neckline that would be suitable for the occasion, as well as, one which is as per a women’s body type. Here are ten most trending blouse necklines that women across are prefer for their saree style.

  1. Round Necks- These are the evergreen necklines that are still widely preferred. Keep these elegant blouses in your wardrobe and on days when you can’t decide what to pick, these may come handy.
  2. The Chinese Neckline Blouses: I find these very elegant, typically suited for those with a moderate to long neck. Goes perfect with cotton and chiffon sarees.
  3. Shirt style Neck: I love the versatility this neckline gives the saree. You could wear them with any kind of saree for various occasions, with or without embellishments.
  4. The Jacket Blouse: Perfect for winters with the closed neckline. I love the look when teemed with a Kanjeevaram saree or Banaras silk saree.
  5. Let’s us get to the collars: Collars do make that statement. It gives that professional look and when you team them with any cotton saree, your perfect office look is ready. It’s the perfect way to blend the west with a traditional look.
  6. Off shoulder necklines: This one is well in vogue these days to give you that hot look. It gives an altogether sensuous look, along with the class and feminine feel a saree could give. You could pair it with a traditional saree to give an Indo-western vibe.   
  7. The Doris: The doris is always in, when it comes to festivals or weddings!! Have a deep round neckline with nice long tassels to complete a perfect look for special occasions.
  8. Halter necks it is: This look surely peppers the Indian look. Have those well-toned arms and a long neck? Alter necks may well do the job to give you a classic look in your saree wardrobe.
  9. The Embroidered Neckline:  Embroidery has its own charm bringing in a touch of elegance. Have a simple round neck blouse bordered with a touch of embroidery and see it accentuate even the simplest of sarees. I love this look for light pastel shade sarees.
  10. Square neck blouses: For those with a narrow frame and thin shoulders, here is the neckline that would be perfect. I find this versatile yet again as it could be paired with a saree for any occasion. Choose a patterned blouse and have these necklines and see the magic it would create.

A wrong neckline in a blouse could literally destroy one’s appearance and may well be uncomfortable too. Necklines could let you cover or flaunt your look. Thus match your body with your blouse and neckline to be sure that no aspects of your look counteract the others.

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