Road Rage at its Worst? Being a Victim

young teen overtakes a SUV that belongs to a political member of Bihar’s Legislative Council. Her son who was behind the wheels is irked. He fires a couple of shots from his licensed revolver in the air forcing the teen to stop his vehicle. A scuffle, a fight and the young teen is shot dead.

Road rage at its worst?

What is it with the roads in our country? It just seems to have the capability to increase many a people’s blood pressure. And the latest victim of this rage is a 19 year old boy from Gaya in Bihar. On Saturday night when he overtook a SUV, little did he know that behind the wheels was the son of a Janata Dal United leader. Nor did he know the fate he was destined to. Aditya Sachdeva had just cleared his class 12 exams and along with his friend was out in his father’s Maruti Swift. And there in front of him was a Range Rover driven by Rocky Yadav, the son of Legislative Council member Manorama Devi.

Is it because a smaller car overtook him? Or is there something more? Well, we shall never know what really played in Rocky’s mind when he decided to use his gun to fire shots in the air to stop them. Here is the version given by Aditya’s friend who was seated beside. “When we stopped, they forced us to get out of the car and then punched us. When we tried to leave the spot, someone fired from behind the car and a bullet hit my friend,” he said and added that other than the guard, a person sitting in the front seat of the car also had a gun in his hand.

So is this killing an instance of road rage gone too far or is there more to it than that?

In India, the powerful get a sense of satisfaction in imposing their status on others. Whether it is the caste, or being close to power. (In this case being a son of a politician). Rocky Yadav’ father Bindi Yadav is no ordinary man either. He is known as the uncrowned king of the underworld with unfettered access to arms and ammunition.

What about road rage

We could list out a multiple number of reasons,. High stress levels, the extremes in weather in our country where summers touch close to 48 degree centigrade in many states. An ever increasing number of motorists hurrying to reach their destinations, and the constant honking all around are bound to create havoc in our minds. Probably that’s why we all are becoming less tolerant individuals. And the worst part is no one seems to really care.

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  • Parul Thakur

    This is so sad. No external environment can ever lead to shooting someone cos they overtook you. I feel sad that the ones with power can do anything and the rest live a life of fear. Sometimes shot in a pub or sometimes on the road. This is terrible.

  • Vinay Nagaraju

    It is so disappointing that such digressions keep happening and these idiot kids can think of themselves beyond the law. I wish there was a way where the real idea of the law being above the person could come into play. I am so sick of these people getting away with every bullshit thing they do just because they come from a stronger network.

  • Shailaja V

    This is really terribly saddening 🙁 What a world we are raising our kids in and what is the message that we are sending? That violence is the answer when things don’t go your way? What is the point of teaching our kids to be good citizens if this is what happens to them ultimately? Just deeply upset to read this 🙁

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